Duomei Single Flavor Tests by SessionDrummer -- Testing Now!

No worries mate and I’m glad to be able to put my true thoughts out there.
Unfortunately I struggle to translate my thoughts into words but will always be honest. In my opinion there’d be no point in bothering if I just mirrored others or wasn’t completely truthful. That’s what directed me to ELR in the first place whilst I searched for what I perceived as honest reviews before I bought any concentrate.
The little I do is just my way of returning a small amount of what helped/ helps me.


Mixed 0.2% (1d/10ml) Soda Ice Cream (DUO) and will let it steep for 2 weeks. Knuckle test revealed this Soda Drop Ice Cream to taste like a floral, perfume-y tasting plastic vinyl shower curtain. Perfumes gives me migraines, so please don’t ask me what kind of perfume it resembles, lol.


I have been known to say, more than a few times, “Please listen to my voice and not the ones in your head.” It works every time.


I am a very ornery person and I hope I don’t offend anyone with my twisted humor, but we all need more laughs!


Duomei Golden Pineapple is next which I mixed @1% and has been steeping for 20 days.
I actually intended to try Luzon Mango next but due to the fact I didn’t have my glasses on I inadvertently grabbed the wrong bottle!

I’ve tried quite a few pineapples by now with varying results but my favourite to date is Inawera @4%. Similarly to Redbull I personally find this one a little lacking @1% although it has potential. I definitely enjoy it and don’t regret buying it but don’t think it hits the heights of Inawera for me. I believe it could do with some more sweetness and is generally a little underwhelming. Therefore (and again similarly to Redbull) I’m going to mix this one @1.5 and 2% respectively to see if it improves. It’s unmistakably a decent pineapple without that certain off taste I can experience with pineapples ( I call it arse in my notes, but didn’t think that an appropriate way to describe it here!) so it works for me but could be better. I’m thinking it’ll work well in a recipe with some added sweetener but I’d probably try it @.75% even then.
Therefore so summarise if you enjoy Pineapples flavours you’ll probably enjoy this one as it has a more than acceptable taste but if you’ve got shed loads already then I don’t rate it head and shoulders above all others.
I will give it 6.5/10 but will again reserve the possibility of buying it again until I’ve tried different percentages.


Time for the one that I approached with some trepidation due to its extremely strong smell and the distinct possibility I had mixed it way too strong.
Luzon Mango that I mixed @.75% and it’s been steeping for 21 days.

As mentioned the aroma off this one was very off putting to the point where I’d convinced myself I was not going to like it. Probably not too surprising it was strong in concentrate form but even when diluted down ‘that’ smell remained. Conversely to the previous two that same worrying smell did translate to the vape too. But thankfully my concerns were misplaced and I consider it to be a winner.
Truth is it didn’t jump out at me screaming “I’m fantastic you doubtful dickhead!” as it did take me a while to get my head around the flavour. It’s different to say the least. I think it’s a classic example of my sense of smell dictating to my sense of taste and having an argument.

It’s a definite and strong mango but with a lot more going on. I’m afraid I’m nowhere near as good as @SessionDrummer in explaining myself and putting that taste so perfectly to you but I can say it’s a magnificent,unique,juicy and earthy yellow mango with a hint of something else which I think is honeydew.

Now although I read and enjoy his reviews I try to not let his words cloud my personal opinions but I admit I did read his thoughts on this one and can honestly say I know exactly where he’s coming from as he’s explained it perfectly. I try to ignore his reviews until I’m finished and then compare the two to see what we agree and disagree on but with this one I did read it whilst vape testing. Complete transparency for the sake of the exercise. The comment that really struck me was earthy as that’s exactly what I tasted for the first few vapes. It jumped straight into my head… earthy mango.
I think that was the taste I was unsure about but honestly after about .5ml I began to appreciate the uniqueness of it and now believe it’s what sets it apart.

In regards to the percentage it is definitely extremely strong and I wouldn’t push it solo above my testing percentage of 0.75% and in fact I am going to try it @.5% to compare. In saying that once I started to give it a fair chance 0.75% definitely works well for me but I’m sure just the tiniest little bit more would push it into chemical overload and completely ruin what I perceive to be a unique but strong and thoroughly enjoyable mango.
Probably a waste of time saying this but I would most definitely buy this one again and rate it at 9.5/10. I will just deduct 0.5% because it’s aroma can be a little overbearing. If you enjoy a mango vape I would suggest you give this one a go if it’s available to you.


Wow @Gazza7 not only was that a TOUGH flavor to get a handle on, you wrote it up great. NOT an easy one to even understand, let alone try to EXPLAIN it to others, so THEY understand. I shared the same “WTF” when smelling it at full strength, and something told me to do it VERY low, like I did @ 0.2% (i.e. 1d/10ml).

Great write up on a tough flavor TO write up.


I’m unsure I explained it well but I tried.
I was extremely conscious of not mirroring you but just let it go in the end because what I taste is what I taste. I decided if it’s the same as you then it is what it is and two similar opinions are probably a good thing.

That said, what a fantastic concentrate! I love it when I’m unsure for whatever reason and then thoroughly surprised in a good way upon actually tasting. Proves the importance of personal SFTs and understanding what that concentrate could add.


Your authenticity shines through clearly. Good job. :+1:


Well done Gazza :+1:


Your doing great …Putting your notes and thoughts into a descriptive paragraph is very hard. I have a hugh problem doing it since most SF are not my favorite to Vape.


Thanks everyone for the encouragement as I do struggle to write my efforts but on occasion I want to so as to possibly give others an idea of what they could be buying.
I also struggle to find the time as it’s surprisingly time consuming.

@SessionDrummer deserves a medal I reckon.


Oh Yes @Gazza7. The UNspoken truth is revealed.

Thank you.


@fidalgo_vapes hehe, yeah, SFT is probably NOT the most exciting, or palate firing experience.

The best thing about notes, is you can just write stream of conscience, and edit later.


From what I can tell this flavour was the one that put Duomei on the radar for most, myself included. Therefore I decided to leave it to last and spend more time with it to do it justice.
Duomei Yellow Mango mixed @1% and it’s been steeping as of today for 25 days.

I can understand how this one has received it’s praise as it really is very nice and natural tasting. To my tastes it is the most ‘true to life’ mango that I’ve had. It has a truly enjoyable completeness about it which needless to say could be described as the perfect mango. Basically it’s a mango! No surprise there but in an attempt to be a little more descriptive I shall say it’s a perfect balance between flavour and sweetness for me. I believe to my tastes I could push it a little higher as a SFT but that’s not to detract from what I’m currently vaping and tasting. I do not taste the slightest hint of artificial or chemical taste.I can easily vape this solo but could most certainly imagine it working extremely well in a recipe. If that recipe was meant to be mango forward I’d probably start @0.5% with the possibility of pushing it a tad higher.
But here’s the kicker……

I have to be honest and say that I prefer Duomei Luzon Mango as although it wasn’t as ‘mango ish’ as yellow it just hit the spot for me in a different but unique way. Without babbling on about Luzon it took me by surprise and made me think hard how I could utalise that unique quality.
As I say I’m definitely not detracting from yellow as it really is a fantastic concentrate and anybody who reads this that enjoys a mango concentrate or juice should try to access it if at all possible.

I would buy this one again and rate it as a 9/10 but that score would have possibly been higher before Luzon.