E-cig: an alternative to smoking or a hobby?



Since this is the most important part of your question/comment, I’ll focus on it.

I have not come across any popular mixers that share recipes only for themselves or others on their skill level.

In this community, if someone shares a recipe it is either to get some help with it or to benefit any curious mixer that might see it.

Some of our most “elite” mixers will share and have pride in a 3 or 4 flavor recipe.

There is no guarantee that you will be able to buy those flavors in Nigeria, Peru or Greece, simply because every mixer pulls flavors from their available resources with one intention: To make the best tasting recipe they can with what’s available.

Finding flavor resources takes research, money and effort if you are in a flavor desert. The EU is not one.

If it is a financial difficulty, find the cheapest available vape-able flavors and go with it. Vaping isn’t a lifestyle affordable by people in true poverty. Mixing e-liquid the same. Vaping and mixing must be done within one’s budget, large or small. If a small budget mixer sees a recipe with lots if expensive flavors, they can still get ideas from the recipe and learn from the mixer how some flavors will pair with others.

We are mostly all here to help every mixer at any level with any mixing questions. There is a good beginner section, a search function, flavor review threads, simple mixing threads, etc…all for anyone to read. And nobody is demanding any money in exchange.

If you have any specific questions about mixing. Ask anything! Someone will have an answer. Welcome to the forum.


Thanks for the welcoming.
I considered vaping an alternative of smoking, i didn’t consider it as a lifestyle and that was the base of my debate…so thank you for clarifying that, now it makes more sense (i’m being honest, not trying to provoke and i have to make it clear cause somehow i irritated people without wanting to). Cheers


I agree with this statement alot. On other platforms you could find cliques of people using flavorah, I still was using tfa/cap/fw and felt left out. Nothing I could contribute nor could I mix anything of these shares recipes.

But after a while I learned one thing, and that’s called creativity and substitute. Last is more important so, because while I have a handful of flv flavors now (20? I think) I still can’t mix some recipes as posted. But I can now mix it with subs.

If course the recipe will be different but if I end up liking it, do I care? Not really.

If someone asks is there a sub for x flavor, I probably be able to suggest something. This does help you much more in the long run then actually copying every flavor and percentage.

You won’t learn anything from that. If something tastes weird, well most likely the person wouldn’t know why etc.

Point is, no matter what and how much you’re using, get to know your flavors. No brand, elitist or YouTube persona is going to help you with that.

You’re the only person that knows if you like something or not, if it’s worth for you personally to purchase said flavor. Who cares what other people are mixing with, if you wanted a custard, you’ll be able to accomplish that with any brand - expensive or cheap lol


courtesy of @Pro_Vapes
let’s snag this more relevant of the title:

and start over


Welcome to ELR forum @Godcomplexdude

For some of as is a hobby that helps as to way out.

The rest of your questions had been answered many times again and again.
Start here : http://forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/search?q=Rating%20system


This might be a difficulty of terminology. When I smoked cigarettes for 30 years, 1-2 packs per day, it was a part of my lifestyle. Whether to smoke or vape or abstain from both is a lifestyle choice. It was expensive! It is an addiction, it was killing me slowly, but still a lifestyle. Switching to vaping was a lifestyle choice. To be able to sleep through the night and not cough and wheeze and still have my precious nicotine fix, hand to mouth ritual, etc, by vaping was a smarter lifestyle choice.

As for the hobby vs. smoking cessation part:
It is both. Or, can be both. Or whichever you make it, it is.

When you mix your own e-liquid, the desire to be creative can be strong and irresistible. Especially if you are creative by nature. I play and create music, love to create recipes and perform improvisation in the kitchen and on stage. So, the creative hobby aspect took me from day 1 of DIY.

BUT, it can be very, very simple, very copy and paste recipes, and only vape a couple of mixes that you can live with and recreate easily. There is no rule to how you approach this. You are the god of your own destiny.

But it’s a lifestyle in my view. I hope that clears us up! If anything was fuzzy :slight_smile:


In my case it began as an alternative to smoking…It became a hobby.

And then it became this…money

It is as deep or shallow as you wish and thats the beauty of vaping and this community at large. :crazy_face:


I’m definitely spending less annually than I was as a smoker! I was averaging $7.50 a pack, one or two a day! But, each of us require a different level of expense for this as a hobby. Part of the beauty of the Y in diY!


It does…thanks


I was paying $35 a packet a day when I quit, $7.50 was the price here in the1990’s. :crazy_face: so my vaping spending still has a bit to catch up.:rofl:

Couldn’t agree more!


That’s so true. It’s been many months in a year where I don’t spend not even a € in vaping cause I am unemployed. I have my nic, flavours that I have collect over the time and I can stand for a couple of months or three with out buying a new flavour.


Woah! Unfathomable. Living so close to the Carolinas and Virginia definitely had its advantages!


After reading your post I can’t help but feel like your trolling , insulting elr or suffering from a god complex.

ELR is a community for people who enjoy vaping or people who are interested in learning about getting into vaping and the DIY world…


New people to vaping or interested in starting ,who have asked for help in forums or discord have always gotten help. And have at times been pointed at material they should read to make their DIY journey much more enjoyable.

Simple if they ask for help. They will recieve it and most people will ask them the same question . What do you like… Me personally I might suggest looking at liquid barns starter kit. (Which is were I started) or nicotine rivers starter kit. And if their budget allows suggest getting a scale . But before ordering I would suggest looking at recipes that have things they like in it. Research is KEY to anything you do in life

Considering taste is different for everyone there can be no assurance that every recipe they make will knock their socks off. But sngle flavor testing does cut down on the # of failed attempts.

That’s your choice. I’m happy making juice for friends and take pleasure in the fact that they enjoy it. But it give me even more pleasure when I post a recipe and one person makes it and says thank you this is awesome .

I’m going to say it’s a life style… It began as a way out. Then it became a hobby . Then it became a money pit. Now it’s just part of my life… it’s something I enjoy doing . And once I get a TV for the living room the den will become my vape cave. (Something like a man cave but better because it’s for vaping)


This thread has triggered my Reading disorder, but I have to say ELR has grown exponentially over the years (congrats to @Lars and THANKS!) Sometimes it is too much, and I just checked I have 36 DAYS of readtime with close to 3,000 posts. I started 3 years ago and it was a little easier, but the whole DIY Vaping thing has exploded over those years. Just the flavors Vendors is overwhelming, and new hardware shows up like rain …agreed it’s hard to get a foothold if you are a new Vape Convert looking for a DIY entrypoint. It was easier …so was AOL 1.0

Now it’s a hobby and a business and THE way to save money as an alternative to smoking. After the OP …now it’s a way to save on the Alphabet :smirk: kthxbai

@Godcomplexdude Welcome aboard. …aboard the Good Ship Rabbithole. Go lightly, as even fluffy huggy bunnies have big sharp teeth. LoLOLz


Anyone who calls themselves Godcomplexdude is very likely a troll.
The simple answer is: Both, it’s an alternative to smoking and a hobby for many of us.


That says it pretty well sums it up. Along with saving money. If I don’t have time for DIY or having any juice. I can fall back on simple 1-2 flavor combos, or buy some Juul pods, if desperate being out and about and not home. A lot of people might go for One-Shots to mix up, adding their own Nic as a simpler route… But, Id rather have fun being creative mixing as a hobby for myself.

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Thank you for your reply, which shows that you took the time to actually read my post, as well as for the warn welcoming. Happy to be here even if i have to prove myself on the way.


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