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E-cig: an alternative to smoking or a hobby?


Wouldn’t that be “Jung’s”? As in Carl Jung. (Wifey is an LCSW)


She is Totally right!!!


As a Psychoanalyst I can project you are likely very intuitive. Obscure problems and poorly executed brainworking are likely instantly apparent, as are suggestions to do better. If you can offer forgiveness for our Social modelling pointed in your direction we can do likewise. My best unrequited advice is use the Search feature (upper right) next time there’s an “obvious” fly in the ointment. You will surely discover the issue already likely addressed …and to your point, like 10 times. Don’t be the eleventh time :smirk:


With all respect towards your direction/aproach, group dynamics work exactly the same in every part of the world (one of the most researched topics in human science)

In most people comments its “we” vs "you and “our” vs “your”. You can search on majority vs minority research, milgrams experiments (especially the original), Stanford experiment and so on.

Aditionally you can check on most recent researched topics like bullying and then come back and read all the comments from top to bottom.

I even said on one of my last comments [quote=“Godcomplexdude, post:57, topic:214764”]
i have nothing to offer so i’m…off kindly.
[/quote] but even that didn’t suffice…

Thanks for any other advice.


Interesting G.D came to a forum to give us a lesson on the human psyche, This is some funny shit, even included mans need to torture people to get them to comply. We are damned oh my


I found this conversation unenlightened, thin-skinned, and in the end “shocking” …continuing to prove your own points as it were. A Self-fulfilled Prophecy. Ya been Reverse Trolled by the Best (all above!) Wait? …almost forgot the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch!

Ya BuRnT~




Trolls will keep coming back. They never admit defeat…


Because as long as we keep responding (I’m guilty here too) they actually aren’t defeated.


I’m not taking sides one way or another as I understand the offense taken on both sides though it seemed to continually escalate through the thread with no benefit to anyone. There were attempts scattered throughout to deescalate but sadly most of those attempts (not all) were needlessly riddled with finger pointing.

I will say however that explanation of why offense was taken is appropriate in both sides in an attempt to prevent future misunderstandings as long as it can be taken as constructive criticism.

On a much lighter note and in response to the initial questions from my viewpoint at least…

I started vaping to quite smoking and could continue to do so effectively with top shelf juice without concern. Well, no concern other than only seeing health benefits in place of health and financial benefit from quitting smoking.

I started DIY to realize the financial benefit of not smoking cancer sticks any more. I had heard of the possibility to DIY and heard of ELR from a friend. However without ELR I would have never known where to start.

I am by no means an advanced mixer by I have learned everything I needed to know from previous forum topics written for the purpose of helping newbies. Any question I have had I have found an answer to myself on these forums or have asked and was directed accordingly when appropriate or answered directly. I will never be able to express the appropriate amount of gratitude to all of those who have taken so much time out of their lives to help others new to this endeavor.

The biggest difficulty with vaping both on mod and in juice side is personal preference. Unlike cigarettes, you don’t have to settle for something you think is ok just because it gives you nicotine. With vaping you can find exactly what you want or make it yourself.

I personally prefer a warm fruit based vape. Right now I’m vaping a homemade strawberry Cheescake in a triple mesh coil at 110 watts. That isn’t everyones cup of tea which is what makes this such an amazing resource. The people here will help you find your perfect everyday vape if you are willing to help yourself. Recently I received guidance to come up with one hell of a clone which I had to tinker with to get to my preference. You really do get out what you put in.


On the Monty Python notes I’m m not sure which is my favorite… “but he’s got huge pointy teeth” or “thou shall count to three, no more, no less.” Both are great bits


or Da Arms or Da Legs…


What are you gonna do? Bleed on me?


It’s just a flesh wound!


Hello, first apologize for my bad English. (I use google translate)

I do not share what you say.
ELR is a great place!

It has helped me to know the world of vaping.
I do not write much, I have little to say, I only have 4 months doing recipes, which are selflessly published by members. (well, some attempt I’m making)
Some I can do, others do not, little by little I’m increasing my stash of flavors, I follow users that I like their style, I read the comments of the flavors, I read how they use it, I read their ratings, I read the forum post, I read, study, read, read, read …
I’m getting an idea of ​​this world …
Of course there are many people that I think do not know the section of “private recipe”, but hey … It’s easy to get to something you might like …
I have found several great recipes, I have learned how to create (although it still does not work for me …), and I have not bought more commercial liquid since I received my first order …
I do not know what else to say, thanks to all the users who share their knowledge and welcome to ELR.

And remember the others, if you visit Barcelona, ​​I pay for the beer. Thank you all.


Fuck… 3 likes in 15 minutes… You will turn my face red… Hahahaaahha,


I’m not an expert mixer by any stretch. I have little idea what goes with what and in what proportions. I do know that this site has proven to be an invaluable resource. I’ve taken the reigns. and gone off on my own a few times exploring and discovering what works. I probably have 20 original recipes. Of these, two suit my taste, two are garbage and the rest are in between. My best results come when I mix a top rated recipe adapted to my own taste and equipment. There’s one particular recipe that I mix regularly. It’s an older recipe that was probably designed for an evod pen. I really don’t need 26% flavourings in my cloud machine, so I’ve adapted it down to 17%. I’ve tried it with different fruits and the same fruits by different flavour manufacturers. I experiment some and it’s fairly cheap to do it. I’ll try a 10ml sample, if I have no idea, a 30ml if I’m just adapting something I’ve tried before. I’ll vape a mix unless it’s real bad then I might give it away or toss it. I can make a 30ml of a complex blend for under a dollar. A 30 lasts me about 4 days. Compare that to 4 days worth of stinky smokes. You might have some hits and misses at first but eventually you’ll have a pretty good library of recipes that you like and it won’t have cost an arm and leg to get there.
It’s funny how there’s no money to experiment or buy equipment but there was always enough money to buy a pack of cigarettes a day at $15 a pack.