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Easy 3 flavor recipe for beginners?


Here’s one I made today of Robin’s http://tjek.nu/r/4Gx6 she’s a great mixer ! This is another one. I have this same recipe it is good !!! One of my favs from back in the day ! But this is Robin’s link http://tjek.nu/r/3LYY


I’d love to get feedback on the Wrigley’s Field of Dreams, if any of them mix that up.


Here’s a very simple mix by HeadInClouds:

HIC’s Sugary Almond-Apple Tart
FA Apple Pie . . . 4%
FA Marzipan . . . 2%

I made it at the above percentages, 50/50 base, and it was quite tasty out of my Kayfun at 15 watts, with moderate flavor intensity.


This is the best three flavor mix I have and one of the few mixes I don’t seem to get tired of.

Ryan's Vanilla Waffle Cone

Ingredient %
Caramel (CAP) 2
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) 3
Waffle (Belgian) (TPA) 7

Flavor total: 12%

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I came up with an easy four ingredient mix that I named Punchy Peach that my husband and I are REALLY enjoying.


Thanks for the add @authormichellehughes nice bunch over there so far !


Thanks we try to keep everyone happy LOL


Strawberry brulee
All Inawera flavors
Creme brulee 6 %
Strawberry shisha 4 %
Vanilla shisha 2 %


Easier than herding cats. eh?

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Most of the recipes that i post are 2-5 flavorings. I keep the more complex mixes to myself as they are tailor made for my taste buds.

Butter Rum Candy

Ingredient %
Butter Rum (LA) 7
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 2

Flavor total: 9%

Chocolate Doughnut

Ingredient %
Chocolate Glazed Doughnut (CAP) 7
Cotton Candy (TPA) 1
Double Chocolate (CAP) 4

Flavor total: 12%

Rootbeer Float

Ingredient %
Koolada 10% (TPA) 0.25
Rootbeer (LB) 4
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) 2.5

Flavor total: 6.75%

Grape Them Apples

Ingredient %
Fuji Apple (FA) 2
Grape Candy (TPA) 3
Grape Juice (TPA) 4

Flavor total: 9%

Sinnamon Cookie Kustard

Ingredient %
Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP) 4
Sugar Cookie (CAP) 7
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 4.5

Flavor total: 15.5%

My V2 of Sinnamon Cookie Kustard has 2.5% Cinnamon Danish Swirl.


The SCK is delicious! Of course it should be with the three top flavors that Cap sells! :yum:
I haven’t tried your V2 yet but I will.


Many thanks, glad you like. :blush:

V2 can be vaped a bit quicker and lets the Sugar Cookie come out a bit better. Hmm, now i need to go fill a tank with some.


Is the cinnamon a little more tolerable at 2.5%. I love cinnamon but it tends to build up on my tongue.

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Here is another three flavor recipe that I am enjoying in my daily rotation.I realize not many have tried Gremlin Diy Vanilla Overload but I love it in this recipe and when making a vanilla custard.

Italian Cream Cake

Ingredient %
Italian Cream (Hangsen) 2
Nonna's Cake (FA) 3
vanilla overload (GRM) 3

Flavor total: 8%

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Here is the updated version of Sinnamon Cookie Kustard:

Sinnamon Cookie Kustard V2

Ingredient %
Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP) 2
Sugar Cookie (CAP) 7
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 5.5

Flavor total: 14.5%

Dropped the CDS and upped the VC V1.


That Butter Rum Candy is a winner!!


http://tjek.nu/r/4rPf I’ma gonna try dis, looks good man.

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Good deal , Please let me know your thoughts.

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Ow, I’ll need to go shopping but this coffee sounds delicious!; I’ll be sure to rate it after I get to mix it up, thanks for sharing!

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Easy peesy & Tons of flavor and did I mention Yum !

Gremlin cake

Ingredient %
Pixie Dust (Gremlin DIY) 2.26
White Gremlin (GJ) 8

Flavor total: 10.26%

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