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EcigExpress: Deals and Flavor News!



1 manufacture, 2 places:

Normally has one distrib, think 2 max for each country participating. They have gotten strict in recent years.

Like @ecigexpress stated… it’s not bf… :wink:

FE has a alcohol/pg carrier, they do not have a vg base.



On behalf of our staff, I would like to wish our ELR flavor Family a Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays! May your holiday be filled with flavor, family and friendship :slight_smile:


Right back atcha! Be warm, happy and safe



Good Morning!
This weekend save 30% on FlavourArt when you use the code: FLAVOURART30
Have an excellent holiday weekend!



Now through New Year’s Day save 30% on ALL FLAVORS and ONE SHOTS (Capella Excluded)
use the code NEWYEARSALE30 to get your savings on favorites like FE , Jungle Flavors and more !
Other than that Happy Mixing and Please have a SAFE and Excellent New Year’s Celebration!


Thanks a lot for sharing @ecigexpress.


Thanks for the coupon. I only ordered one item though. Even after the discount of 30% the pricing wasn’t competitive in comparison. The small bottle game is rough but some of the flavors in the 30ml range were 1-2 dollars more.

The website was much improved which was very nice to work with. So congrats on that.


Shucks. I waffled for an hour before placing an order at 11:45 PM yesterday. On the very bright side, that order has already shipped. Your order turnaround times are astounding!


Silly question…
(and I’m not complaining)

Why is it that the majority of the time Capella is excluded from sales?


Im gonna guess they buy the 13ml bottlea and 4oz direct from capella and dont rebottle making their margins slim … Just my guess though

Note : I really shldnt answer questions for other people lol btw HAPPY NEW YEAR


To you as well my friend!


Soon @Sprkslfly! Capella will be eligible as well:) Happy New Year Everyone !


What happened to the flavor hunter page ?? Youbguys had some 30ml Amber pet bottles with red cap I use to buy


Its still there @fidalgo_vapes! If you don’t see the amber bottles, I’ll ask if there are any left and get back to you.


I was looking for flavor hunter aonmaybe that why I missed it … Ill take a look


Looks like they arent available , if you guys happen to have some left let me know ty


The bottles you requested are good to go in the On Sale section with a few more goodies as well sir!


You guyss are great ty will order later 2nite



Happy Friday Flavor Family! this weekend’s sale is on Flavor West!
Save 20% when you use the code 20FLAVORWEST

Also, we have some new items in this week with more on the way !

Sweet Strawberry by Flavors Express -
New Year New Strawberry! Sweet Strawberry by Flavors Express is a ripe, sweet strawberry flavor that works well in beverage, dessert, fruit and candy e liquid recipes.

Kiwi Strawberry Lemonade by Express DIY
Kiwi Strawberry Lemonade is an amazing blend of kiwi and strawberry flavor paired with subtle notes of citrus and sour.

Check out our latest recipe: Donut Holes! It’s great by itself and still has room for any fruit or sweet flavor (e.g Chocolate, Caramel, etc.)

Have a great weekend everyone!


Thanks a lot @ecigexpress and thanks for the recipe share !!!