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Ill get to it, stop pushing me, plan 3% w/ cream fresh fa 1%


then ill mix with LB VIC

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They asked for feedback on the new bottles, not the flavors themselves


Shit, she’s right fellas, gotta read above carefully


The bottle is nice and clear, has a uniform base (sounds strange, I know… But some aren’t) and rests flat on a glass surface. No obvious or annoying seam lines. The threads also appear to be without issue. Easy enough to drip one slow drop at a time by simply inverting the bottle, and letting gravity do the work. Or with applied pressure, the firmness of the bottle yields slightly (in a small area) and allows you to speed the dispensing without going “stream crazy”. Also, the nozzle dispenses smaller drop size, which should make life easier on those who mix by weight. Overall: thumbs up on the bottle.

The cap however, I can see issues waiting. Especially for the more heavy handed out there in “user-land”. The one I received instantly reminded me of the cap that Flavorah uses (on their factory bottles). For starters, you have to apply a “more than desired” downward force on the outer shell of the cap assembly, to get it to “bite” (lock into place) on the inner assembly. And while the bottle itself has more than enough rigidity to withstand the additional required force, the inner portion of the cap gets a stronger bite on the tightening side of the operation, than where it needs to be (which is on the opening operation). You can actually feel how well it grips, and in which direction, by simply applying less downward force.

So it seems like a “dual” (two-phase) child protection system. Which IMO, is substantial overkill. Especially given the amount of downward force that is required to lock things into place. Given the cap is loose and spins freely without applied pressure, I think that’s enough to be considered child-safe, without being annoying to the customer.

The problem I’ve seen, expect, and had confirmed by another major vendor (PM or LMK if you’d like details), is that there is an established history of “semi-frequent” failures with this particular cap. Primarily due to separation issues with the components, and poor QC.

Things I’ve seen on my FLV caps:

  • Outer cap slightly mis-shapen due being pulled before cooled enough to maintain the round shape.
  • Bottom of the outer cap not having a properly finished lip (where the inner portion “locks into” the outer portion).

It’s also worth noting that Purilum uses similar caps as FLV. But I’ve not experienced any issues with those yet, nor do I have as many Purilum.

Overall cap thoughts: nervous, and they have room for improvement.

Though it wasn’t specifically asked for, there’s only two things on the label that are legible (without an aid of some type, whether magnifying glass, or zoom mode from a camera on the cell phone, etc). One is Jungle, and the other is Strawberry Sweet. That’s it.
And that’s a problem.

You can’t see (as referenced in just prior posts here) that on the right hand side of the label it says:

You can’t read the print at the bottom, dead center of the label, that it says:

I had to use a 10x jeweler’s loupe to be able to have useful information. Information that might be requested should there be an issue.

I also appreciate that the label leaves a portion of the contents of the bottle visible. So if, during the process of reevaluating the font/label size/type/etc (should you choose to consider it), please also leave a visible seam in the label, so we can monitor the level of flavor within!

Was I too thorough?

Thanks @ecigexpress for thinking of us, and the support! Keep up the great work!


well you sure did set the bar a bit too high lmao :wink:


Greetings @fidalgo_vapes :slight_smile: yes its just the bottles :slight_smile:


Oh wait you’ve never tried our strawberry sweet? it’s actually pretty great. (biased opinion lol)


no i havent i am gonna do a couple simple recipes with it , if it taste as good as it smells im all in , i have cap sweet straw and it doesnt smell as good( the cap ) but we shall see im also gonna mix with RFSC Strw MS and red touch straw i could see this becoming a staple straw


Nor have I!
Excited to get to try it!


Well we would definitely like to hear your thoughts, @Sprkslfly!


@ecigexpress thank you so much!

I received my bottle today & made a single flavor test batch to test the new bottle.

At first glance, I really like the new bottles. Now the bottles themselves look pretty standard with a new cap, but looks aren’t everything, so I made a tester to try it out.

First, the bottle was easy to unscrew & screw back on, but most importantly, the cap did not over-tighten. You know, like when you tighten too much and the cap goes loose again? I purposely tried to over-tighten it to see if it would go beyond the point of no return, but no it stops when tight. What a novel idea!

Next was using the dropper. Again, I liked this bottle. It was nice and stiff, not like some bottles that have a little too much give in the center which can be a problem if your not careful. This bottle was very easy to dispense single drops with, but I was also able to give a good squeeze to get a larger quantity out if needed.

Overall I like the new bottles, and if you guys decide to use these I certainly wouldn’t mind. IMO they feel better to use when squeezing, like I have more control with the drops, and I love the caps. The new caps are definitely better.

Again thank you so much for sending out a freebie. You guys rock!!!



Good Morning Mix Family!
Today we are having a FLASH SALE on Jungle Flavors!
Save 30% with the code: JUNGLE30

Happy Hump day and we hope everyone is mixing something delicious.
We are working on a Lemon cookie this week! :grin:


thank you @Chrispdx!


I received the bottle and pretty much echo @obijuan’s thoughts. The bottle has a good look and feel and I like the cap much more than some others. I can’t foresee it leaking in shipment and like the way it tightens easily. The last thing I want to do when mixing is struggle with a cap getting it on and off. A thumbs up from me and thank you for the sample.


@ecigexpress, i just mixed with the JF sweet strawberry and the bottle seems great! The bottle arrived with no leaks, it’s easy to open, cap seems very secure when closed, definitely airtight. I squeezed the bottle pretty hard with the cap on and no air got out. The bottle is actually a great thickness, not so squishy that the flavor comes flying out too fast, but soft enough that its not hard to squeeze. One drop comes out to be just over .02g, three drops falls right around .07g. I don’t see any immediate issues with the bottle or cap.


You guys are the best!! This feedback is vital as we move forward. And ELR feedback has been the most comprehensive so far… Yes! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


@ecigexpress just did a mix with them and I can tell you I like them! Not to hard not to soft. I think you guys found the Goldie locks zone!


@ecigexpress I have yet the mix the JF Strawberry sweet, but the Yellow Cake is :+1:t2::+1:t2:


We love the Yellow Cake by JF, our team is also pretty stoked on the Biscuit and Fresh cream from a mixers standpoint.
We are split down the middle in regards to RY4 Double… Half of us like the FE version better because its very “deserrty” <—(not a real word.) The other half dig the the stronger tobacco notes in JF.