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Good Morning fellow mixers! This week’s sale is on FlavourArt! Save 25% with the coupon in the pic above.

Also, we have a few new items in our catalogue worth checking out
Chili Mango by Signature/TFA
Passion, Orange, Guava (POG) by Signature/TFA

Both great flavors that are deliciously unique, but not so unique that they cant mix well with other flavors.

We also have new one shots available!

Blackberry Milk by mlNikon
Enjoy the flavor of fresh ripe blackberries mixed with delicious vanilla milk.

RY S’mores! by Christopher Kopel
Hidden under dense layers of warm chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow lies a robust RY4 that will appease both tobacco and desert lovers alike.
An ADV for all seasons, this RY4 will leave little to be desired.
Note: This complex flavor recipe requires 10-14 days of steeping to reach it’s full potential.

Other than that, We hope you have a great weekend and as always Vapesafe and Mixwell!

:face_with_monocle: Agree or no?


You know… I haven’t told you lately, but, I love your frequent injection of humor. As well as the fact that you have enthusiastic mixers on staff. Not simply employees. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Agreed but did the crew ever mix mine,i never did. lol

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Thanks! We try to keep it light and many of our staff are DIYmixers. We have a lot of fun … @worm1 some wiseguy here labeled a 20% red bean and chicken waffles mix and tried to pass it off to the other mixers as a strawberry custard… UNFORGIVABLE LOL … how is that fried chicken from Real Flavors?


Sadly, I haven’t had the chance to mix it yet due to being laid up.

Only recently had the chance to grab a few core flavors to make some of my daily feeds (vampire much? :crazy_face: ) to get by. Gonna be awhile until I can resume “normal operating conditions” unfortunately. :sad_panda:

It definitely smells on point though! grins


how did u know i just tested his after a week?

Good stuff!!


you guys always get me with this one , lets see what i need ( want )


Received the Bottle test samples today. They are a little more pliable than most PET, (I really like), but, the real kicker is the closures. They are easy open, but still child proof. The best feature is that they tighten & seal perfectly! Time after time. And for what it worth, I like the new translucent colors on the tops. I would REALLY like to know where to buy some for myself ! Thank you for the freebies! Two of my most used flavors.


:thinking: and in a variety of colors, set off the ocd!! can use colors to group/find flavors on the shelves


Lol…I know, right?!

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Order cardamon fa! I’ll post my blueberry Cardamon mix this weekend.


Ooo Thank you for the feedback @Pap! will relay this to the rest of the team immediately! :grinning:


cardamon is a nut right ?? or wrong ill look it up

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Think it is a seed - it is also hella strong (to me) I can taste it in a mix at .05% it is not horrid I just find that I tend to concentrate on it in a mix.


Yes. It ends up being the star of a mix. Just because it’s so different.


thank you @Cutlass92! we appreciate the feedback!


Ohhhh that’s really cool! Nice @daath!

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heres the link that will explain , sorry the comment was added im on my phone so just tried to link thread but this is how it came up

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Delete the last part /275
And you’ll get the first post (or change it to /1


ha ty i have 16 more min until my nxt measure so that was easy lol