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EcigExpress: Savings, news, and more


definitely picking some up just for the experience lol!

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Gooooood Morning and Happy Friday Folks!
This week’s sale is on Flavor West!
Have a great weekend!
Lots of cool stuff coming up over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!



Happy Friday Mix Family! This weekend we are having a STOREWIDE sale for President’s Day!
Save 20% on EVERYTHING with the code below :smile:


Have great weekend and let us know if you have any questions! Also this week’s recipe is a re-visit to our a older strawberry custard we made a while back. Turned out pretty good for those who like Strawberry Custard vapes.

Please have a excellent weekend and Happy Mixing!


Is there a way to sign up to be notified when a flavor is back in stock? I have been trying to get Flavourart Butter for awhile now and keep missing it :frowning:

FlavourArt FA NA screws the pooch. (assembling a list of discontinued flavors in USA)

We actually stopped carrying it :frowning: We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

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FlavourArt FA NA screws the pooch. (assembling a list of discontinued flavors in USA)

Happy President’s Day! It’s the last day of our big sale!

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are you going to continue carrying FA cream whipped ?? or do i need to stock up


You may need to stock up @fidalgo_vapes :frowning: Wish we had better news on that front and I’ll ask again at our meeting this week.


Fuuuu#&$$$ me ,alright ty for the heads up

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It’s true our storefronts cater to “on the go” vapers. hardware, juice, etc…

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Good Morning and Happy Friday fellow Mixers! This week’s sale is on Flavors Express!
Which is good because they have quite an interesting new flavor.
French Toast!
After receiving feedback about FE Sweet Bread Crust’s reformulation having a chocolate note, we wanted a better tool for bakery dessert recipes. FE did not disappoint :slight_smile:
The end result is a sweet “bready” note that has subtle hints of syrup and butter.
We tested this flavor in a banana french toast recipe and it is quite amazing.
(for those who like sweet bakery profiles of course.)

Also of note we have Flavor West’s Strawberry Milkshake in stock and we also have a new Express DIY one shot… Blueberry Custard!

Other than that we hope you have a SAFE and excellent weekend!
Happy Mixing


Hey guys, just a heads up!
We have a giveaway going in the Giveaway thread for Pazzo One shots!



Happy Friday Mixfamily! this weekend’s sale is on FlavourArt!
Save 20% with the code: FLAVOURART20

Of course we have the new Pazzo Collection which is eligible for discount as well so nows a good time as check those out as well!

Also, this week we released two AMAZING new one shots:
Blueberry Custard

Last but not least, if you haven’t already be sure to enter our giveaway for a chance to win a set of 30mls from the full collection of Pazzo Flavors!

Have a great weekend and Happy Mixing!


thank you for the discount , you already know ive been holding out lol , i forgot what your free shipping minimum is ??


$59.99 good sir!


ok ty appreciate it , i only need ( want ) one thing so i figured id get as much as possible lol


isn’t that always the case?!

“I only need 1 flavor, but I might as well order 50 more to get the free shipping”



ya but im seriously only ordering one flavor lmao and will order as much as possible to get free shipping plus discount lol

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me too. I’m going to order all the PAZZO flavors, and might as well stock up. :grin:

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those do look interesting and knowing FA they probably did a great job