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Thank you very much.


Website looks great and is running faster than ever , ty for listening and working it out …


LOL we were going to announce formally :slight_smile: but yes the website has been upgraded! and we are looking for feedback to make it the best experience for mixers as possible!


lol , sorry to ruin your announcement … After work and soccer practice ill take a longer look. I mostly checked the speed , here at the office it use to be sooooo slow but today the pages came up fast , plus i liked the layout


Thanks, yes please do as your feedback is greatly appreciated! (That goes for all of ELR)


Will do afrter work. I love your website


Wow…what a huge difference in the website. May have to celebrate with placing an order.


Long time coming, but good job on upgrading the website and I’m sure you’ll get a lot more business now. I can’t count how many posts on reddit that they just hit bullcity because they can’t sit for an hour to get a few flavors.

I think you should throw in a promo code for the grand re-opening to get the word out :slight_smile: I’ll make a thread on Reddit when/if you do.


Wait till the Friday deals :wink:
Not sure what it will be this week, but might be something you want/need anyways lol

Well congratulations on the new site, if we could now work on getting bottles to customers that don’t leak all over the place, we maybe a step in the right direction.

That’s what is stopping me to place a other order to be quite honest.


Zero leaks on my last many orders. Come to think of it, I haven’t had a leak from them since my 1st order in June '17! How long has it been since you ordered from them?


End of August 2018

I had my biscuit (jf) and boysenberry (flv) leak all over the package and we all know how potent that is, so most of the other bottles smelled like it, not to mention it was sticky as hell lol.

It wasn’t a broken bottle, but rather the plastic stopper that connects the dropper was cracked on the biscuit and on the boysenberry it wasn’t even pushed in correctly.

Some of the other bottles while didn’t leaked weren’t proper sealed either. Only one I was happy with the seal and packaging was sweet coconut (flv) and Bavarian cream (jf), both were not only in fully different bottles but did have a proper cap and seal, as well as a extra plastic seal/band around the top cap.

Wish all would come like that!


Hi @eStorm, we apologize for your customer experience, we do want to say that we have been working diligently to switch over to the newer bottles to prevent such occurrences from happening in the future.


And that’s much appreciated, I wasn’t trying to bash anyone, just stating my experience in the hope this can be fixed.

The webpage definitely needed a overhaul and if you guys can switch the bottles, I’m the first to place a other again. I really like the jungle flavors and while I could order them somewhere else, I’m tired of constantly having to find an additional vendor too order from .

Thanks for at least trying to look into the bottling issues :slight_smile:


ya ive never had a bottle leak from ECX old bottles or new…but ive been lucky not to have any leaks ever so hahahah @eStorm JK my friend just messing with ya :wink:



Happy Friday Flavor Family! This weekend save 20% on the popular brand Flavor West !

In addition, be sure to check out our upgraded website.

We’ve made significant site improvements to give you a better experience on

You’ll notice faster site speed, a new site layout, and an easy-to-navigate site design.

If you have questions, comments or concerns you can contact our customer service via chat.

As always, we appreciate your business, and we look forward to your feedback!

Have an excellent weekend!

Oh, our weekly recipe! Thoughts or suggestions?


I had some leak on my first order and they sent me replacements right away. Almost all of them come with a plastic band around the bottle now too.


Same here, many orders, never a leaker in the bunch.


I did notice a mix of bottles that had shrink wrap and some, probably old stock, were still nekkid. The childproof caps on the Northwest Flavors have been upgraded, too.


When I talked to them online. I was told that they are trying to get rid of all the older bottles so that they have a safer leak proof bottles for their flavors.


I’m really enjoying looking over your new site, vast improvement over the oh-so-slow older site! Thanks, makes shopping so much easier.