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ELR statement on the Vapour Depot drama


I didn’t realize that, thanks for correcting me, I hate giving out wrong info. :+1:


You were correct though - Because @benjy337 already donated previously :slight_smile: (Thanks again!)


Hell, I would have been flattered if they chose one of my recipes to use as a one shot or flavor pack … I would have thanked them.


All I can say is that there aren’t great points on both sides. One could argue for and against for both.

If there was a personal choice I would think a 50/50 profit sharing to elr and the creator. So if I had a recpie and Lars approached me and asked I would be game for it.

Overall, whatever supports elr is great by me. Whatever supports our community great. Whatever supports devlopment great.


Wow! This old '15 thread brings back the “good times”, huh? My posted thoughts still stand. :smirk:

Oh… @Bassjunkie:

…since you spent SO much time on the ELR forum… just thought I’d put this out there for you to contemplate and heed:

The members here on ELR don’t come to your place and poop on the floor.

Fair warning… Don’t do it at our place. :rage:


Thanks for reminding me. OOPS :grin:


you da man :+1:

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So from what I’m reading, some folks took offense at some publicly shared recipes being offered for sale on a retail sight that is sort of affiliated with a member of ELR.

Now I use recipe sharing sites to get ideas for new recipes. I may come across a recipe that sounds good except for maybe a couple of flavors I don’t care for. So I may use some from that recipe and add it to my recipe and see what I get. Sometime its amazing others well let’s just say getting back my sense of taste isn’t always a good thing.:dizzy_face:

Now putting a recipe out in the public eye online you can’t expect it not to be used by a vape shop to sell especially if its a great one. If your juice recipe/recipes are that tasty maybe you should be asking some local vendors if they would be willing to carry some of your creations? Broker a deal and make a little scratch to keep you flush with diy supplies. Remember its diy or die.


Ba da da da da…
Im lovin’ it :sweat_smile::joy::grin:


Seriously why am I even having to read this??? Is the guy that labeled his recipe as “Grants Vanilla Custard” complaining? Let’s be real here. If your juice is that good, then market it yourself. Or am simply don’t post recipes online. This can happen with or with out Mr. Lars’ consent. Stop crying and go mix some juice people. Copy right infringement happens all of time in this business.


No, not Ole - he didn’t really care much :slight_smile:


Well, I still support you Lars. This whole thing was blown way fucking out of proportion.


The thing is that you don’t have to at all, you made a choice all by yourself to read it and thats on you. Just walk pass this and don’t click on this specific link and you’re in the clear. If it bothers you that much i suppose it would be the best thing for you in the end.


It’s nice to see a seller paying respect to the creator, I’m sure there has been 100’s of recipes copied and re-branded from this site. The ones that suck thou is when they’re your best friend for a while then poof, they’re gone. shrugs

BTW @daath Sorry I can’t support you through the buy links, too far from Aus.lol
But your site is worth more than I can donate, but every bit counts hey :grin:
Proud to be a supporter, Keep up the great work you do mate :thumbsup:


This is a very interesting thread to read. As an artist and Fine Arts & Illustration professor, being knowledgeable about Copyright & Fair Use, Creative Commons, Public Domain & Appropriation etc. is very important.

From an artist standpoint, it is wrong and illegal to take someone else’s work and claim it as your own for commercial use, unless the creator attributes the work for public domain or grants an individual certain rights / uses.

However, regarding recipes - like any other recipe you may find online there are laws regarding this on the U.S Copyright Office - Copyright | Recipes website.

I do highly suggest, that you should keep certain recipes private if you fear that vendors will use them for profit; without giving credit to you as the creator. Share what you wish to share and keep what you want to keep private. The best kept secret is one never told.

I’ve posted some information below if you are interested in reading.

Copyright law does not protect recipes that are mere listings of ingredients. Nor does it protect other mere listings of ingredients such as those found in formulas, compounds, or prescriptions. Copyright protection may, however, extend to substantial literary expression—a description, explanation, or illustration, for example—that accompanies a recipe or formula or to a combination of recipes, as in a cookbook.

Only original works of authorship are protected by copyright. “Original” means that an author produced a work by his or her own intellectual effort instead of copying it from an existing work.

For further information about copyright, see Circular 1, Copyright Basics. Note that if your recipe has secret ingredients that you do not want to reveal, you may not want to submit it for registration, because applications and deposit copies are public records.

Deposit requirements depend on whether a work has been published at the time of registration:

If the work is unpublished, one complete copy
If the work was first published in the United States on or after January 1, 1978, two complete copies of the best edition
If the work was first published outside the United States, one complete copy of the work as first published
If the work is a contribution to a collective work and was published after January 1, 1978, one complete copy of the best edition of the collective work or a photocopy of the contribution itself as it was published in the collective work

Public domain & Creative Commons

When a work is in the public domain, it is free for use by anyone for any purpose without restriction under copyright law. Public domain is the purest form of open/free, since no one owns or controls the material in any way.

Works that are in the public domain in one legal jurisdiction are not necessarily in the public domain worldwide. Copyright laws differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, both in duration of protection and what constitutes copyrightable subject matter. For example a US Government work clearly in the public domain in the United States may or may not be free of copyright restrictions and in the public domain in other jurisdiction. At present, one of the only ways to be certain that a particular work is in the public domain worldwide is to see if the copyright holder has dedicated all rights to the work to the public domain by using CC0.

Creative Commons licenses do not affect the status of a work that is in the public domain under applicable law, because our licenses only apply to works that are protected by copyright. For more information, see our Licensing Guide to what you should know before you license a work using CC licenses.

Find out more about CC’s public domain tools, and learn more about Public Domain.

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