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[Ended]----[Smokstore]---Authentic Smok 220W TC Wooden Box Mod Giveaway





  1. https://www.smokstore.com/Smoant-Naboo-225W-TC-Box-Mod-Kit


WOW @Pikachu and @CosmicTruth went on a nice run. You guys killed it. It’s over 500 now


So that should be 2 winners now


Too bad that the prize is shit :stuck_out_tongue:


But it looks nice and it would be free. So even if it is shit it didn’t cost you a dime


I don’t really want things because they look nice and are free. I want things that are useful :slight_smile:


I love Smok. They are priced right and work fine. I do wish I had a DNA or other high end MOD to compare, but I don’t.


It was all Pika, every time I would post 1 time that little shit would post 3 times in quick succession.


I have never had an issue with Smok. In fact I own an Alien. And have used it daily. Like You mentioned their products are at a great price point. Some people are pretentious. And feel compelled to voice their opinion.


I agree Mark, my wife uses her Smok Alien all day every day. Never had any issues. The issues most people see IMO are false and only spurred by a couple of bad reviews, but any device that is mass produced is bound to have 1 or 2 bad come off the assembly line.


I might be pretentious, but my second kit was a Smok Alien with TFV8 tank. Same Alien ‘died’ on me after a month, and i opened it to fix it,and saw what a piece of junk it is (by far not worth what it’s selling for)

I don’t even want to go into their tanks and horrible flavor and coils that burn out in three days


Oh so much better. I can appreciate someone saying “I Feel, I Felt, I have Found”. So much better than a blanket statement like
“Too bad that the prize is shit“


So you obviously didn’t read my previous reply. I think that Smok products are shit. I have very good reason to think so due to me owning Smok products, having bad experience with them, seeing a Smok mod go up in smoke (not mine) because it’s build quality is shit.

I bet that a lot of people have smok products, and are perfectly happy with them. I’m not. And if i’m not permitted to voice my opinion, so be it.

I will be more than happy to delete all my posts in this thread and stfu when it comes to Smok, or … Or I won’t shut up and I won’t let anyone else shut me up?


You are free to do whatever you like. I certainly am not trying to censor anyone. Enjoy your Day


I NEED to Squonk ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Mee Too