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[Ended]----[Smokstore]---Authentic Smok 220W TC Wooden Box Mod Giveaway


Thanks everyone, especially @smokstore, it is really fun to win a giveaway.
We are lucky to have such great vendor visiting our site and sponsoring giveaways like this.


grats peps, what did 2nd prize end up being? thks again @smokstore


I know I’m getting an Authentic Smok 220W TC Wooden TreeBox MOD, so I am ecstatic.
My plan will still be to get a DNA over the next couple of years, but TBH I have never had any problem running TC/TCR on my lower end Smok and Joyetech devices. So i’m kinda of the opinion that although DNA may be more accurate, I doubt I would notice a huge difference in performance. But IDK cuz I’ve never had one.


nice, i shared pics of the prize i got and tho it has its flaws is nice exterior, the guts, well time will tell but invest and pratice soldering skills as soldering to a moving spring is not a wise choice but we are talking about a mod that hit the streets in late '15, grats again peps!


I know you gave it your best shot. And for me I’m hoping good things come in 3’s so I’ll keep playing the other giveaways :wink:


Congratulations @CosmicTruth and @Ephy :+1: