EXPIRED: Get $30 off a ProVari P3!

The guys over at ProVape were kind enough to offer the users of E-Liquid Recipe Forum a $30 discount on a brand new ProVari P3!

If you don’t know the ProVari P3, or ProVape in general, I suggest you do a quick google for reviews and opinions of them.

They make some of the sturdiest, most reliable, high quality mods out there. And they’ve been here from almost the dawn of the e-cigarette era!

This is not for those high-wattage box-mod fans out there. This device only goes to 20W. Yup. But it’s a workhorse. One that will stay with you for years. It’s just perfect for your lower wattage tanks!

If you’d like a very in-depth review of the ProVari P3, Phil Busardo (pbusardo) has an almost hour long review of it!

For those inclined, RiP Trippers has a preview of it as well:

Ok, so do you still want it? Head on over to ProVape’s home page.

For a $30 discount, use the code: ELRecipes

This offer EXPIRED at midnight February 12th PST / Feburary 13th 8:00AM UTC

Stay tuned for more from ProVape - There’ll be a small competition soon, and for first prize, ProVape will be giving out a ProVari 2.5 with a color of your choice!

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This offer is about to expire! :smile: