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FDA looking to ban online sales


I know the woman who owns the local vape shop…we are good friends an she knows i buy my gear online…and she asks me whats good i have gotten…well in another breath she was telling me of the FDA proposals…besides the no gear sales on line…they want to ban the sale of Nicotine base in the future…they have come up with a few things as far as ID an age info…but thing is getting it from people will jam up the system…so i would not worry to much on gear as i would a ban on nic…then u will be a slave to vape shop bandit prices on juice…or just vape no nic vapes…lol…like i said before …the Goverment is a legal orgabized crime gang…the legal Mafia…


I completely agree … Its mind boggling how they think when it comes to vaping …


Thats kind of how it worked with my husband and i, as we came in more, they just had us steer clear
Edit: and they always let us exchange stuff( if it malfunctions without our help haha) which is amazing