First journey to ecig - showing off my aspire zelos

Hi,all. a newbie here. maybe the first post (excluding replies. :joy: )
Several days ago, i ordered a kit, apsire zelos (dont know too much about ecigs stuffs, so i choose the easy one, well i think.)
right now, it’s already in my hand (wish comes true). i’ve tried it times, feels pretty good if occasionally leaking isn’t considered. good design, comfortable to hold. but surely not portable as the pen-style ones.
taking pics by my xperia z5.
anything want to know, i’d like to share more


hope you all don’t notice the yogurt e liquid.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome to the forum, Tender!

I’ve noticed that I have to fill less than what the manual say you should, to prevent Nautilus 2 from leaking (and gurgling), but then it’s very portable imo.

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Looks like a very nice rig! Sleek looking. Welcome and enjoy!

It’s been a while. more pics here.
this tank’s atomizer marked as nautilus 2, which seems to be a really nice one.
adjustable airflow control.

you need a screwdriver to open it , the 2800mah built-in battery is almost the same as my xperia mobile, the small holes on bottom of the mod may be for heat sink

The screen display auto switch itself…

well, one thing that i think i got to mention is actually i didn’t get this stuff from the aspire official, but from a rather new web store ( , seems under construction, i myself seems to be a bold man, :sweat_smile: , but i checked the number at the bottom of official: , it’s from original)


First @Tender Welcome!! …the Rabbit Hole is this way :wink: Looks like a wise choice to start. Some first forum posts for you might be to understand there are two basic types of Vapers, which mostly relates to how they inhale their Vape. This affects your choice of hardware. MTL is “Mouth to Lung” and DTL is “Direct to Lung”. I mention this because your setup looks like an MTL setup.


welcome. That is a nice looking set up. I would consider it very portable. when you start collecting more, they get bigger and bigger, you will prob. look back at this and think to yourself “I thought this wasn’t portable?”

anywho, peace out


The small holes on the bottom of your device are there in case the battery should ever have a catastrophic failure. They’re known as vent holes and are there to release any heat or gasses should the battery go BOOM.

The battery of the device isn’t meant to be replaceable or serviced by the user, so unless you’re rather handy with fixing electronic devices, I would recommend that you do NOT try to remove the bottom plate.

Welcome to the forum-Cheers!

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