First post (hello) would like some help around the recipes

Ok so I’ve used the calculator many times but never knew you could make recipes. I have got about 50 different flavours at home and would like to know can I search recipes with the flavours I have or do I have to do single flavour searches?

FIRST…you go to “My Flavor Stash” under “User”…and add all of your flavors to the list.

Afterwards, you can click on “What Can I Make”…and begin there.


The best feature of the Recipe Tool is the ability to grab existing recipes! Under the Little Blue Wrench icon is a choice to “Adapt This” That option will take a recipe of someone else and make it appear in your recipe list as a Favorite! From there you can edit and make changes and make more new recipes to your taste
Succeeding in DIY means making alot of juice that you like, so you can wait will even better recipes mature (Steep). The goal here is to stick to it (!) …to “Keep Mixing” and my best advice is focusing on finding proven recipes. This has been carefully laid out here by other members of ELR. It helps you better understand the tools at hand and a path forward …not only using what you have, but suggests the best flavors with which to expand your DIY Journey …so here’s a hearty Welcome and a Vape Nay’sh @VapeNation2 :wink:


@VapeNation2, as I replied in the other thread:


Welcome to elr,exactly whats been said get all your flavours into your stash and press what can i make it will bring up what recipies you can make with what you have available.have fun,any questions just ask.

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