Flavor amounts

Please point me in the direction of concentrate amounts… Anything helps…

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Jess19 Hi I want to reply correctly. Are you inquiring the suggested ratio per flavor… how much do you use per batch ?

example - TPA Strawberry ripe how much would you use in a 10 ml batch- ELR has a database for this. Idk what calculator you are using to build your recipe but if you use ELR you can look up each flavor. http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/5361

Beginners threads are very helpful here… the search bar ( upper right magnifiying glass ) is super easy to bring up threads while you’re getting started.


First let me say that this can be wildly different for every mixer. There are a lot of factors involved with starting percentages, how one perceives a flavor, how they vape, etc.

With that said click on a flavor on the recipe side and it will bring you to the flavor page where the information is listed.

Here is an example, click the link and scroll down to the suggested % for single and mixed. Keep in mind that they are what people prefer and you may like them higher or lower.


Muah ! Man I was headed there next. I always try to remind new folks how well the search bar works for the beginners thread !


This is a good point. And if I may add on what Ken said…at some point, sooner than later, you would do well to learn how to test each flavor you own individually. There are a few different methods that can be used. I used to do a shot glass with a little water and a few flavor drops. Do your homework and research this.

The point of this is to become familiar with each of your flavors, giving you a better idea of the concentrated strengths (not all concentrates are created equal) and what pleases your palette… And no process is valid without taking notes.(More homework :blush:) Write everything down so you can refer back to them. This in turn will allow you to dial in your percentages easier and maybe you become a better DIY’er as a result.
You ask me the time, I tell you how to build a clock.


The best place to start is to find the flavor notes on the flavor in the data base. If most people say 6% start there. If most people say 3% start there. This mixing game is all about making “yourself” happy with a vape. The truth is, larger bottles of retail vape are about 1/4 the cost they used to be and if you truly don;t want to hassle with mixing anymore it’s affordable to buy retail and “tweak” that cheap stuff with premium flavors too. Think out of the box have fun!

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