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Holy crap, hehe, ummmmm, that might take a bit @muth. Working late, so hard to get all these done quickly. It would be far easier to sort must haves by 9.0+ ratings. Let me think on this one.


I could read through all your notes and start picking them out. Can’t promise how long that would take me but I can start with your notes all in one base. If I get a reasonably long list and staff is willing to pin it next to your notes, that may help people looking for standalone flavors. Anything to help a newb get going and psyched about mixing.


@SessionDrummer I started the list. I got through the WF ones. You mention a lot of solos there. Definitely 7. Crumble Topping and Tropical Gummy Bears aren’t mentioned as solos but definite “must haves”. I put a ? by them. Just started VTA.


JUST got back. You’re doing better than I am @muth !!!


Watermelon (Flavor Labs) 6% (10-30-20) – Melon and rind were the too first things I thought of when vaping this one. I personally like it when MFG’s throw in some rind, as it makes it more authentic (well, unless you hate the rind that is, hehe). The melon itself was blurred between the white/clear, and the red parts of the melon, and the sweetness remained about mid level throughout. It presented to me, in a 80% natural, 20% candied profile, that was plenty strong at 6%, but not hitting the ceiling. Wouldn’t call it a “Super” watermelon, but it was def. above average. Because it had aspects of both natural and candied, your use of it, will be opened up to more recipes, as opposed to a WM that is specifically one or the other. It wasn’t overbearing or heavy, and with that said, never felt lacking at this percentage. I think a good above average score of 7.0/10 feels right.


Well, you’re too busy testing. I’m just reading your notes. My benefit.


Grape Wild (Flavor Labs) 6% (11-6-20) – For the last flavor in this series, the Grape Wild was a very unique finish. Having tried Flavor Labs’ Grape, this one was similar in so much that it presented as a rich, and full mid / semi-dark grape, but with something else. It took me quite a while to try and figure out how to explain the “wild” in it, and I finally got it. It tasted like white wine on top of a purple grape. NOT a darker wine, but literally a nice juicy purple grape, WITH, some white wine thrown in on top. Once I had that realization, I couldn’t see it any other way. Your perceptions may vary, but as a whole, it did work pretty convincingly as a Wild Grape. Was full, but more relaxed than FL’s Grape at this testing weight, and sweetness was below mid level. Throughout the tank it stayed convincing, fairly natural, and with no off-putting notes. Now that I’ve had both this and the regular Grape, I think I prefer this one, as it tasted more natural, and the “wildness” worked really good. All in, leaving this higher than the Grape, @ 8.5/10.


The sugar cookie was designed without BUTTER or notes that would probably turn into diacetyl upon heat. I am the formulator at FlavorLaboratories and I vape. Miracle I got it that far. Sure butter would ‘rock it’ but I actually care what’s in it. So I was able to work every candy flavor formula around to consider each material – when no one else bothered. [They pretend they have no clue their stuff is being vaped Lorann, PA Cap, yada yada…] *Do not expect me to contribute too much because posts are overwhelming in general.


@Lois_Lane, wow, impressed you found these reviews here, and I appreciate you stopping in, and taking the time to drop a line. You bring up valid points about what’s actually IN the flavors we are vaping, and the turning of the blind eye by some MFG’s. I also think it’s GREAT that you are the formulator, AND, you vape, which really says a lot about what you’re doing, and why.

While agreeing that posting (especially on numerous sites) can become very overwhelming, I hope you wont be a stranger. Thanks again, as I wish more companies took the time. Sadly, I am OUT of likes currently…

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Great reviews , as usual. Unfortunately these are unavailable in the UK, and I’m pissed because you gave me recipes for some very popular liquids, which will not be the same without them. Oh, and Chefs are STILL sold out of VSO Strawberry. Just incase you thought I;d forgotten. Jeez.


Hehe, sorry about that @Steve68. :frowning: