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Flavor muting after 2-4 weeks


4 month latter
Anyway after doing some research and experimenting
flavor muting can be caused by :

  1. percentage of flavoring too much may kills others, too little the flavor it self dies out.
  2. incompatible flavoring some time some specific flavor kill each other somehow.
  3. opening the eliquid bottle does somewhat started to kill flavor esp those fruity one.
  4. the air space in the bottle does somewhat similar thing like #3 (steeping almost full bottle and half bottle gave different result)
  5. if I vape too much my senses are some what numb thus also simulate flavor muting (solutio : have some one else try your mix just to ensure, or stay out from vaping for few hours before testing stuff)

hope that help…


Don’t most marshmallow flavorings have EM in them? Would it be better to use something like CAP super sweet or TFA sweetener?


Ive had the same problem when making Mothers Milk type recipes,by the time the custards and creams have steeped properly the strawberry/fruits have muted. What I’m going to try is to add the fruits towards the end of the steeping time and see if this helps. I have not been mixing my own for long,only about 8-9 months so I am not sure yet if this will work but it’s worth a bash.


There is a wide variety of mothers milk clones, can you post the recipe?


This was one of the recipes that I tried,I can’t remember the others sorry.


Sorry for getting back to you so late… but you didn’t reply straight to me nor was I tagged, so I didn’t get a notification.

Anyways, I think you’re just using too much of concentrates containing flavor enhancers with muting effects:

And that is just 2 of your flavors that I can verify the ingredients from. Others may contain some as well. You either have to reduce the total flavor amount or be a little creative and swap these flavors for others that may not contain so many agents that can mute a recipe.


@Suomynona Thank you for your advice,much appreciated. With the information that you gave me I am very surprised that these recipes similar to the one I posted have so many good reviews as most of them have these ingredients at similar percentages. Oh well back to the drawing board I go.
Sorry that I didn’t respond earlier to your first message but I have been very busy lately and I am also quite new here and hadn’t learned the ropes with tagging etc.


I’m not sure, but I guess a lot of people shake and vape their recipes. Muting happens over time, just like steeping, so if you vape it fast enough, that recipe will probably taste good.


I’m at a loss too. I can follow a recipe to a tee,steeping times included and it mutes. I must admit that I’m not a big lover of fruit flavours and much prefer creams,cakes,biscuits and the likes so there could be that but then others report that even after a couple of months steeping it tastes fabulous and I’m still not getting it. I try all different devices but it makes no difference,I seem to get the best luck with chocolate flavours which surprises me as I hear some people say that they are difficult to make.


I am actually doing a little steeping test at the moment. I usually steep my e liquid in a cold room and in a dark cabinet and have noticed that there is little to no change in colour whatsoever even after months so I started wondering if it’s just too cold and is almost suspending the steeping process. I live in the UK,not the warmest country in the world so I have taken a few bottles and put them in a warmer room to see if this makes any difference. I always use good quality pharmacy grade coloured glass bottles and pipettes so that has probably kept the ejuice even colder.


I haven’t seen many posts about test steeping being done in rooms with different temperatures.
When you have any results, it’d be cool if you could start a thread and post your findings. Definitely original content that people will want to read about :slight_smile:

By the way, this week, UK weather is going to be warmer than in Greece :beach_umbrella:
Better enjoy it while you can


I have been looking around for more information on this subject but it is very scarce so I would be very happy to post my results,fingers crossed if there is a positive outcome it could answer a few annoying questions for some of us with this same problem. Watch this space lol.


Forgot to say about our coming weather,this happens quite a lot here in latter years. We end up having our summer in spring and then when summer actually arrives it rains and gets cold :confused:


This is another reason why lab test reports are so useful for vaping community (customers) and why companies should become more transparent. Fortunately more and more FULL lab test reports of various companies are available where you can check the chemical structure of your flavors. That allows us making better juices at the end.


Everything mutes in this recipe within 5 days at the percentage used, excluding the custard, as others pointed out its a shake and vape, however if you feel like its just not great for you as such try warming up your VG, add the custard v2 let it steep for about 2-4 weeks and if you like it, than start adding the other flavors starting with graham crust, after 3 days add the fresh cream and Bavarian, wait a day than add the ripe. Now heat that whole mixture but not above 125F and use a frother if you do not have a stirrer or UC. Before bottling add your nic if you use any and vape within a week or 1 1/2 weeks.

In general I would adjust the percentages and use some supporting flavors or other brands. This recipe while I don’t want to knock it, is more work than its any good for long time storage. Its OK for an shake and vape tho, still not extremely amazing in my personal opinion.

I think the reason it got such high rating is the fact that its been around for a long time and to that time it did great in balancing the available flavors. Nowadays we have a wider range of manufacturers and flavorings, as well as 50 different strawberries to chose from, if not even more lol.


Well we have had a very hot summer in South Wales UK this year and I have conclusive evidence that my mixes have fully steeped in that time whereas they have barely changed in their colour or flavour during the colder months,this leads me to believe that the weather (temperature) plays a massive factor for me in steeping times and that maybe my steeping cupboard area is just too cold in the cooler weather which causes this suspension of the natural steeping process. I now have to try and figure out what to do to recreate the right environment for the colder months without over doing it and spoiling my ejuice. I am glad that this is the outcome though because I was starting to think that I was just no good at mixing and that I was doing it all wrong but the flavour now is much better. I must add that nearly all of my mixes are heavy creams,custards and bakeries and mostly without fruit.