Flavorah-based recipes

I agree with SmokyBlue here, even tho I don’t have many flavors from flv yet, they are much more potent than FA.

Reason I’m quoting you tho, and that’s just my experience, but FA has potent flavors I agree with. Sadly as I began mixing I jumped right away for the FA line, thinking due to reviews that these should all be used under 1% up to maybe 2 (highest mark on some less potent) found myself later mixing them at much higher potency.

Now we could say that my taste buds are horrible, which they are not but let’s use that excuse, I don’t just mix for myself and after getting the input we all agreed, 1% or less yeah not so much if you looking for good potent and layered recipes that are not just based on one or three flavors.

Still agreeing tho, FA needs less than maybe other popular manufacturers but its not 0.1-1% anymore. I’ll however say, maybe as many other manufacturers they have changed the ingredients or extraction way and they have been stronger in older batches as most reviews were created, who knows. We saw a complete change of FA’ s meringue in comparison to the old batches, that let’s me believe other flavors undergone changes too, or at least the potency.

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Thank you for this!!

EXACTLY why I was wondering earlier if some folks believe that this might be the case with FLV as well…I contend it’s possible that FLV potency could easily change without public notice. (Sadly, no one else has commented on that yet)


Yeah I agree, as I mentioned I have only 5 flv so far because they are expensive. These I do use at 0.5-1.5% but I wouldn’t know if they changed from last years batches or upcoming unless I get more.

I did contact flv and asked if changes has been made, as well as if it was possible to get a 2ml sample of cookie and alpine. Of course I was going to pay for it, didn’t wanted it free and made that clear, but I did not wanted to spend $18 on alpine (15ml) and $13 on cookie (15ml) without knowing if I like them or the potency.

Flv responded only to the samples and gave me links to vendors selling the 15ml, which I was aware off. Therefore I will put these flavors under the testing when interested in a profile maybe, and ignore the hype around flv reviews most of the times, since lots of people gotten the full line for free, which might change the opinion. Not saying it does but it could.

So we will have to see were this goes at the end, taste is subjective but if flavors are advertised as extremely potent even a person with the most broken taste buds should be able to taste them, and not having to use them at 5-8% not saying its the case here, unless the extract/ingredients/recipe did change if that makes sense, hard for me to explain.


Honestly, i use most flavorah flavors between 1-2.5%(rare). The potent ones .25-.5%. I dont think its a gross overuse. I mix 500ml batches of 6 at a time and test potency for about 6months. I have had to make changes (of course haha) but overall, i do not agree that mine are over flavored.


I know FLV has not changed at all since conception.

Adjust your drops to mine and see what happens.
The reason why your’s look so high to me is the fact you are running 35 drops per ml… and even if you adjusted your drops… your % amount for each flavor in each recipe, it’s still too high for me and a few others.

knowing your volume of each flavor and manufacture does matter… but if you do not think so, carry on… it is your diy after all… not being mean here… but it is why some of us like to be precise. Hope you understand. one drop does make a difference.

I thought flv did change since it’s first roll out. Maybe not in the last year of popularity but pretty sure since the start


I actually cut my grape melon recipe in half and mixed it. The flavor was good but hasnt held up to the test of time.
It is getting weaker, since i mix 500ml so i dont have to mix as often, this low percentage doesnt quite do it for me. Taste is subjective, as is everyones mixing concepts. I am going to have to say, lets agree to disagree. At the end of the day, flavorah is an awesome company with highly concentrated liquids.


Do you realize you’re not making a lick of sense? If she changes the drops from 35/ml to 50/ml, she’d actually be using MORE flavoring with the 50 drops (which I would think should be common sense)…

Here’s the simple math:

10ml batch with 1% flavor at your calculation of 50 drops per ml equals 5 drops.

10ml batch with 1% flavor at the elr default of 35 drops per ml equals 4 drops (well, technically 3.5 drops).

So when you say that the percentages in other peoples recipes are too high simply because they’re using 35 drops per ml instead of 50, you’re saying the opposite of what is actually true.


If 35 drops = 1ml &
If 50 drops = 1ml then
She’s only using more drops, because of the different size in dispenser (as long as the difference has been understood, and accounted for). :wink:

This is part of why mixing by drops has no advantage, because you still have to go through testing each and every container (to achieve maximum accuracy for that method) to verify drop size per milliliter, to make sure that you’re actually using.

Syringes are the most accurate IMO, with weight being a close second (depending on choice and consistency of the chosen dispenser). Drops are the least accurate.


Of course, I completely get that if in fact they are measuring by weight. All the more reason that it doesn’t make sense when they are saying that changing the drops/ml would make a difference (ESPECIALLY when measuring by volume or weight vs. drops).

BUT, I will also add that the impression I got was that smokyblue still measures with drops using the calculation of .02ml=1 drop. So if that’s the case (and please correct me if I’m wrong), then they are using more flavor than someone else who is measuring by weight IF the calculator figures the flavor out to actually weigh more than 50 drops per ml. I hope that makes sense!

Edit to add: I just looked up the elr listed manufacturer specific gravity for a few Flavorah flavors and they appear to be 1g=1ml, the same as smoky’s calculation. Therefore if people are mixing by weight or volume and not the 35 drops per ml calculation, their recipes should theoretically turn out exactly the same as smoky’s and the whole point is moot.


So…here is one of my newest flavorah recipes! (Trying to get the thread back on track Bahahaha🌟)

Enjoy friends!


That looks really nice!

Im not a peach fan, made it for my husband. It is really vibrant. I actually do not mind it. Nectarine and apricot are two of the newer flavors from last year. They are really juicy and give a stronger back bone for the peach.

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I think you need to snag one of my recipes and one of hers and try changing it to the way mine are written.
I do not use drops, I go by weight, and I go by 50 drops for 1ml… 1ml = 1 gram, yes… The tip sizes are the same for each flavor, uniformed, and each one drops on average, .02 grams.

there is a difference when only just changing the drops per ml… its a manner of knowing how a recipe sits, what the weights are. Not arguing… mix the way you or anyone else wants… but I like to be precise. Not to mention avoid the dead spots, and never push a flavor beyond the mute point, you will loose flavor notes. Fact.

Working with flv I have discovered all sorts of ideas and tastes, after 5 yrs, I should.

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Ug. Im out. :v:


and this is why i use percentages


%-drops-pippetts-bottle tips- takes long hit off bong- slowly walks away from computer :happycry:


I’m not following the logic here. If you’re using .02 as the average drop size of a drop that could be anywhere in the .0179-.0213 per-drop range, aren’t you not being precise from the beginning?


most people that get into weight, do not use a scale that does .001g, they pick the aws 501 which only goes to .01g… which that one turns every single drop to .02g.