Flavour Percentage of DIY mix

I am just new to the DIY side of vaping in which is really becoming a hobby, especially whilst we are still in lockdown here in Sydney Australia.
The question that I would like answered or clarified is what is the rough rule of thumb for the % of the overall flavour of the total mix. I’m getting mixed % results from different apps or websites as to where or what my flavour percentage should be.
I hope that someone can help me with this question as I am a little bit confused on this calculation.
Until now I have been using a pre mix 70/30 PG-VG, but this weekend I have picked up a litre bottle of each PG and VG so I can adjust to suit what my recipe needs.

With reference to this post, I have gained a lot of insight and knowledge about what I am doing and I thank you all for your help.
I have just went and looked at a fair few recipes that I have made to date, in which have all been within the 5-21% range of total flavour mix.

Thanks everyone for your help.


Percentages of flavourings range somewhere between 5% and 20%, or even more in some cases.
Have a play with the calculator on the main ELR page and it will all fall into place. Choose an amount to make, let’s say 100ml, look at the percentages you select for each flavor and below it will show you the total percentage of each component. Select 70/30 or whatever you like and all ingredients will show up with their exact weight for the selected amount.


Thanks so much for your quick response. :ok_hand:


a good place to start is do some reading = okay maybe its a little more than some

when mixing flavors itry to look at what others have done in the past by looking up the flavors in elr’s flavor list

another usefull tool is the elr calculator when creating recipes it does all the calculations for you .

i just had to qoute ya .

taste is subjective - what taste good to one taste like crap to another . but in general 5% and 20% . depending on what your mixing and what flavors your adding … single flavors generally are on the lower side were recipes that take multiple flavors tend to be a little higher


Welcome to another Aussie!

It is a bit confusing, and easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need ‘X’ total percentages but it is not that relevant in my opinion.
I don’t pay attention to the total percentage anymore, it is what you need for each ingredient that counts and then that adds up to the total.
Check out the median % as a guide for each ingredient, rather than thinking you need to hit a certain total percentage.
I hope I have not confused you further, if so ask away… :+1:


To add to what’s already been said, I would mention that it varies because of a few things.

  1. What type of atomizer you use.
  2. What power level you use.
  3. What type of flavor it is (for example: coffee flavors frequently require lower power and lower percentage, otherwise you may experience a burnt [or otherwise unpleasant] flavor)
  4. What brand of flavor it is. (some brands need 8-10% per flavor, others are used at 0.1% (from a mere drop, or few) to 0.75% per flavor, but most are in between those extremes)

If I had to put out the most common general “target numbers” (my opinion), I’d say that most direct lung (DL) atty users target 3-8% total flavor in a mix.
Similarly, I would guesstimate that most mouth to lung (MTL) atty users tend to target 8-15% total flavor in a mix.

The only way to gain a better understanding of just what all that means, is to mix and experiment!

Once you play with a few test recipes (your own, or one of the many available), it’ll start to make more sense.

Once you find what works for you, you’ll have an idea of who’s recipes to follow as you continue on your journey into DIY.

Last suggestion?
Read. Read a lot! There’s a ton of info in these halls. And if find yourself reading something, but it still hasn’t quite clicked on what they meant…ask!!
There’s always someone willing to help.

Finally, welcome to ELR @Sejuiced_By_Mel.


G’day mate and welcome, another Aussie is never a bad thing hey @marsh8? Good to hear you are embracing the DIY hobby/addiction, it is something I think that has helped a lot of us in our journey.

As Rob @Sprkslfly has mentioned, the device and/or atomiser, the power, and the concentrates you are using are all very relevant. For instance, I vape MTL using RTA’s at lower power (10 to 13 watts). With some of the older popular flavours, I use up to 20 - 23 percent flavouring in a mix, newer and super concentrates (SC) I use a fair bit lower.

70pg / 30vg is pretty thin for most devices outside of pods, is that what you are using or do you like a lot of throat hit (higher pg can do that)? I mix 70vg/30pg mostly which is nice and smooth for my vaping style.

Anyhow, check out all the different posts and make the search option your friend to help find your sweet spot. Always feel free to ask questions, we all love to help when we can. :+1: :beers:


You have already received some help above that I agree with but will also add that it’s wise to take notes.

If you’re able I also believe that it’s worth the effort to try concentrates on their own first just to see what might work for you in a recipe. It’s time consuming but well worth it in my opinion.

And welcome from the other side of the country here in Perth.
Hope you’re going okay currently considering what’s going on over there.
Stay safe.


Welcome and glad you joined.


Hi Rob, @Sprkslfly Thanks for the time that you put into your reply to my post and to quickly answer you about what I am vaping with and the concentrates that I am using is below.

  1. Capella and TFA Concentrates ATM
  2. Innokin Z50
  3. Geekvape Obelisk 120FC


if you are wanting a starting % to start at start @ the lowest % used for each flavor - or say fuck reading and start @ 1% and add more flavor from there .

here is a list of all the flavors
flavor list

here are some example flavors from that list
i would start with looking at recipes it was use in . and look at teh average and minimum used and then base my single flavor test off those results

single flavor testing is your best friend . it gives you a starting point of what each flavors taste like to you .

Strawberry (Ripe)


strawberry and cream

Yellow Cake v2


Omg, unrelated but I didn’t realize there was a dark mode until I saw your screen shot. Woooo! Thanks!


Dont worry about the Final Overall pct …Remove that from your brain . The important thing is to know what pct each flavor needs to be when mixed with others the final pct is what it is . I like to start low when I’m mixing but never think of total pct overall . When I started mixing there were 5pct rules and 20pct total goals but those ideas made learning how to mix harder bc I was focusing on the end number


Thanks heaps @fidalgo_vapes


I remember when we were all about that and you are right. As soon as I stopped worrying what my total flavor % was I started making MORE of what I liked and less stuff I didn’t.

@Sejuiced_By_Mel Welcome to ELR


I had the same when I stopped looking at total flavour and started just trying things that suited my taste at whatever percentage worked. I regularly vape some recipes at 23% total and others at 8 to 9% total. Just do testing at lower percentages and work your way up…