FreeMax FireLuke Subohm tank

I have been using the FireLuke for a little more than a week now and love it with the Kanthal DVC .15 ohm coil and the included RTA section is legit. Review coming soon but thought it would be good to start a discussion thread for this great tank.


I have FireLuke too.
I tried to use pre-made coil from standard package. But result is negative. I think the cause is my liquid 80VG/20AD.
The liquid flow is bad and the coil spits.
I’ve install RBA with coils from package and I became completely satisfied with the quality of Fireluke vaporization.

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Yeah, if I use one of my Max VG mixes with the sextuple coil it comes with I can get a dry hit if I am chain vaping. Try the DVC 0.15 coils though if you want to use premades, that one wicks like a champ and the flavor is even better. Too bad they didn’t include that coil in with the kit, I bought it separately as I generally prefer coils with the wide open single hole rather than multi hole coils.

I agree, the RBA is excellent with this tank, one of the best RBA’s I have tried for a tank made for premade coils.

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Just posted my review of the Fireluke here: FreeMax FireLuke Subohm tank Review by Mjag...TFV8 killer?

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quick question for both of you, I’m looking at this one and the FireLuke Mesh. Are either of you using one of the resin models or are yours metal?

On the original Fireluke I bought 2 more resin, a blue and black and they look phenomenal. With the mesh version I have been thinking about getting the black resin or gunmetal mesh look versions but as of now only have the carbon fiber I was sent for review.

If you want a rebuildable section and juice capacity get the original Fireluke. The mesh is excellent but only prebuilt coils and 3ml capacity.

I have arthritis in my hands and just can’t do the super fine motor skills things like I used to. We only use the prebuilt factory coils.

In that case from a pure flavor perspective I would recommend the mesh, it has really good flavor, the original fireluke wins for cloud production.

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After lots of thought, research, question asking and looking at the availability of replacement coils I ended up jumping ship and buying a Vaporesso Cascade instead. Again lots of the afore mentioned research I just ended up liking it better.


Please let me know how it is, never tried the Cascade and would really like to hear how it performs.

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I’ll do a small review here on the forum for it.


Looking forward to it :+1:

I ordered a mod from Breazy awile ago when they had a nice sale…any ways when my package arrived…it had another box inside…hmmm…it was a Freemax Meshpro…it was not on the invoice in package so looked in my account…nope…so called then to see how to send it back…they said keep it…on us…nive an thanked them…well i am not a sub ohm atty buyer that needs coils head…i rather build coils an atties…so next morn i put in a coil…juiced it…let sit an hour to absorb the juice…stuck it on a paranormal 250c…set the wattage…and to my surprise …it was a great vape…my first time useing a mesh anything…the flavor was outstanding an the vape was plentiful…

now i am glad it was sent as a mistake…cause i enjoy it very much…the flavor is just tops on it…plus there is a good selection of coils…from SS to n80…i like it so much i did order spares from elemental at 7.95 a 3 pack…i heard they last a good time…

now if i lost this would i replace it…yes…its the flavor that grabs u…

if any one is looking for a mesh tank…look at this one…its a resin tank also…


I agree, the Mesh Pro is one of my all time favorite subohm tanks, the dual the triple are my favorite coils followed by the quad, the single coil mesh just doesn’t cut it anymore for me.

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The mesh pro coils do fit the original fireluke. I know because i use a fireluke tank with the dual mesh coils.


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I watched a video the other night,on how to re cotton the mesh coils…looked easy…an the mesh coil comes out in one piece…but what i did was I have a hand steamer…has some good pressure…i tried to clean a hell beast mesh coil…it actualy came out nice an clean…

let it dry over night an re juiced it…seemed as good as new flavor wise…

when mesh came out at first was not interested…now i am really surprised how good they are…an the flavor is just so good…


I have a FireLuke Mesh and love it. The flavor is tops and coils last well over a month unless I screw up and vape it dry 2 or 3 times. Once doesn’t seem to bother it much but that second and third one in one day pretty much hoses the mesh coil. We were watching the Hobbit one weekend evening and night. I vaped it dry two times in a row and Oh holy shit did it choke me up. the coil was toast big time. but all in all I love mine

I can’t get on with mine, never known such a leaky tank . 2nd tank full on a new coil and it is guaranteed the liquid will start pissing out of the bottom air vents every time.