Freshness flavor DIY

I am interested to create a universal flavor base for myself which brings freshness in any fruit mix.

Supposed ingredients:
Malic acid (sour)
Citric acid 10%
Menthol 10%
Fuji (FA) (may be)

Something more?
Is it a good idea?
In what proportions?
Your advice?

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Get some Pyure, if you don’t have it yet.


Do you mean that I need Pyure to increase freeshness and nothin more?

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘increase freshness’ Pyure makes your fruits ‘pop’, and alleviates any harshness.


What I actually need:
Have you tasted fuji flavour? It’s fresh.
Is it possible to get the same effect without fuji?

I like Pyure with Sour Wizard FA for fruit mixes. This combo works great with MF Extracts. Some vendors already add sweeteners to their fruits so I don’t see it being useful for all fruits.

MF Extracts are real fruit extracts with no added sweetness, so Pyure pretty much works across the entire fruit line.

Fwiw I totally think “fresh” when I taste tpa pomegranate deluxe. It’s not a super strong flavor, but I could see it being added to a lot of different fruits to kinda freshen them up maybe.

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Yes, I totally think “fresh” when I taste Fuji (FA).
It’s not about harshnes, pop up or something.
What’s the secret?

I am not clear on what you wish to make, sorry.
Is it a flavor base to use to mix with AS A BASE,
or is it a flavor to be the base note of your recipe?
Does that make sense?

Something to add to give a recipe more ‘freshness’ in taste,
or a pre-made base to use, like a stone?

I want something to add to give a recipe more ‘freshness’ in taste.
But I have not found a simple solution.

Something fresh. There is always cactus inw. Maybe a bit of koolada. Maybe even cucumber FA.

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“May be” is not the advice of an experienced DIYer -))

You’re gonna run everyone off talking like that, mister…taste is completely subjective. And so is explaining oneself…just saying.
Not being an ass, just forward


Sorry for my english-))
I’m not going to run everyone off…
I need help to find the decision if possible.

Why comment if you don’t know the answer?

I agree with whiterose. Taste is subjective. My personal usage of koolada is off the mark from many…1 drop to a 30ml mix is all I need. Hence the “maybe.” You gotta test them out.

The key is there is no one perfect fix. Only adjustments to taste.


Thanks for the advice

Again, taste is subjective…you say “freshness” and then say FA Fuji…has it ever occurred to you that some people don’t like apples?
All we can do is make suggestions. It’s up to you to find the answer.


wow not nice!!

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With comments like that my guess is that people that normally goes out of their way to help people kinda lose interest in helping at least you.

Keep in mind that no one is obligated to help anyone to be honest, but here on ELR i would say everyone is really helpful towards others but that means that the people asking for help needs to be nice as well and not act like it is something they can take for granted.

Being nice and respectful towards the people you ask for help is gonna take you a long way, being the other way around will take you nowhere. Bear that in mind.


actually it is the advic of an experianced diyer main reason is most noobs wouldnt know what to do with cucumber or cactus , and to be blunt “freshness” isnt exactly a taste so since your request is so vague and not explained well its hard to help without an answer like @Chrispdx gave like @Whiterose0818 explained if you need help be grateful for any answer you receive we all have been here helping the last thing anyone here deserves is a lack of respect especially someone with @Chrispdx participation and status here in this forum

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