Fruity flavours

Hi Guys
Im very new to this interesting hobby. Im still getting to know my flavour tastes and am struggling to find/create a decent recipe

I like a fruity taste and have bought a couple together with the baking flavours. I suspect im using flavours to concentrated as it kinda sticks to my pallette and is not great especially the baking flavours.

Im looking for a base fruit flavour like 2 ingredients that i can use to build on but also vape

Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated


Hi and welcome, Antoine, nice to have you aboard! :grinning:

Will you tell us what you have already tried or provide us with a link to your flavor stash so we can help?


Welcome to the wonderful world of DIY! Here is a link that I visit a lot to help with flavor pairings. Hopefully you can find it useful also.


Welcome, and this should help :


Thanks for the reply guys
Maybe I should have started with the flavours I bought and my attempted recipes;

  1. Vanilla Custard V1 (Capella)
  2. Ripe Strawberry (TFA)
  3. Sweet Strawberry (Capella)
  4. Dargon Fruit (TFA)
  5. Juicy Peach DX (TFA)
  6. New York Cheesecake (Capella)
  7. Bavarian Cream DX (TFA)
  8. Cheesecake Graham Crust (TFA)
  9. Vanilla Swirl (TFA)
  10. Cinnamon Danish Swirl V2 (Capella)
  11. Cool Ice Wicks Chappies (Local flavour concentrate)

New Flavours

  1. Mint (Local flavour concentrate)
  2. Gummi Bear (FW)
  3. Fruits of the forest (Local flavour concentrate)
  4. Papaya (TFA)

I’ve made 10ml batches of 5% concentrate and a 70:30 VG/PGso that I can taste each one
The nicest flavour so far is Cool Ice Wicks Chappies (Local flavour concentrate) at 5%
I havent had it seeping for to long approx 3 days but I find my recipes leave a stoggy taste in my mouth. These are the recipes I’ve tried so far

Sucker Punch 10ml
PG 13.5%
VG 66.5%
Dragon Fruit TFA 14%
Vanilla Swirl TFA 4%
Bavarian Cream TFA 2%

Fruit Roll-up 10ml
PG 13.5%
VG 66.5%
Juicy Peach TFA 5%
Sweet Strawberry Capella 2.5%
Strawberry ripe TFA 2.5%
I must admit its tasting a bit better after 3 days steeping but its not great. The peach is overpowering and maybe too sweet

Beantown Vapor-oh face 20ml
Strawberry Ripe TFA 12%
Bavarian Cream TFA 3%
left out Vanilla bean ice cream 8% as I dont have

Thanks great help

i just put together tpa honeydew and caps sweet guava to see how they would compliment each other and so far so good ill add some cream to them after i figure out the percents to use

What would u say goes well with papaya. I read somewhere where they said you must use very little papaya otherwise it tastes like old socks


I always laugh when I read about something tasting like old socks or sweaty socks. Who is this person that is doing the sock tasting? I need to know so I don’t kiss them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


this is what i last used it with , it also goes well with watermelon and other fruit mixes like forest fruit but i dont use it as my main fruit flave i like it to play the supporting role

my 5 year son heard me say , THAT TASTE LIKE ASS, and he looked up and said Dad your gross you tasted butt b4


Here, this is out of my private vault. It’s new and @R113 has tested it to be an excellent vape. Maybe you can draw some ideas from it or get the flavors for a nice smooth and fruity vape.


@Antoine2 , i recently tried Cap VC1 2% with TPA DF 2% and a hint - like 1% - of cream (can use your Vanilla Swirl) as a creamy base to lay out some fruit on, and liked the result so much that it was gone before i have a chance to steep it. the mix i did was Strawberry (7%) but also tried Melon Cantaloupe in one mix and Mango in another, each also around 6 to 7% on that same base. i stole (ehm! borrowed) this idea from better mixers than myself here on ELR.

good luck, and wet wicks :slight_smile:

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I really loved the flavor of frutopia! Most excellent fruity mix. It is bright and cheery chocked full of flavor! Honestly couldn’t ask for a fruitier fruit vape and a must have. Thanks for posting!


This one is a lil early but I tried it tonight and it’s a nice one !

Rad Kool-aid

Ingredient %
Apple Candy (TPA) 1
Double Apple (CAP) 1.5
Grape Juice (TPA) 2.86
Red Summer (Watermelon) (FA) 3.76
Sweet Strawberry (Jungle Flavors) 2.24
Tropical Cream Breeze (FW) 0.5
Watermelon (MF) 0.46
Watermelon Candy (TPA) 2.76

Flavor total: 15.08%

Remember to rate it at!

and BB - @Beaufort_Batches I was stopping by to pick up some fruitopia since @R113 raved over it like crazy !!! Thought I’d share a fruity vape w/ you all in the meanwhile.

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Thanks @Amy2, I’m always up for a new fruity e-liquid…

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Crap, I don’t have mother fudruckin MF Watermelon, I’ll just use NF Watermelon Extract.


I’d be willing to say that you could easily use that one. I find the grape kool aid is first then the watermelon takes over after a lil bit of vaping it. I put it down for a while grape was first all over again. Very quirky fruity punch like.

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@ecigexpress is still selling their MF for 3.99 plus an additional 10 off with elr code ( if its in stock )

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nevermind my last post no MF WM