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they have classes to bang hot chicks now? what the world have come to…


Look up the story on the Pontiac Trans Am. A private company bought the rights to the Trans Am name and they are buying Camaros from Chevrolet and turning them into Trans Am’s but it was my understanding the way this is being done they are not under the GM umbrella. When you buy one supposedly it is titled as a Trans Am not a Chevrolet or Pontiac.

The new web site


I know about the trans am, but are they realistic?
They start at around 90k and go up from there. Hey it’s great they kept the name alive, but they are not what they used to be, and they always shared a platform with the Camaro. Now if they sold off the vet then they would basically be supplying long blocks and the rest of the car would be bespoke to the company that bought the name.


I’m with you…

Corvettes have been overpriced for decades IMO.

TransAm’s were a working man’s “power-house”, but with the ability to be upgraded /modified! :wink:


Could not agree more. Then again I can not justify well over 30,000 for a bare bones basic pick up truck now days. A guy down the road from me just bought a new F150 loaded with all the bells a whistles, the sticker price was well over 70,000. Nuts if you ask me.

I will stick to keeping my old none computer controlled antiques up and running. Hell my old stuff are like Timex watches. They take a licking and keep on ticking.

My old school stuff suffers way less down time than anyone I know with newer vehicles.

I have owned a couple years ago and I would have to add over rated as well.

Don’t get me wrong they were fun to drive but not all they were hyped up to be.


I know this link will not last forever, but still.


That’s 104 thousand dollars for an SUV. A new top of the line one, sure. But still. Gadzooks. I can buy 52 of my 96 E-350 vans for that. Or, just the one I do have and love to death, plus every drop of gas I will ever need, plus insurance, plus any repairs I would ever need, plus still have a lot of bank left over. I suppose you can buy whatever you want with your own money, but that is just a real ‘wow’ thing to me. 104k for a vehicle. A non specialty, non collector, off-the-lot new soccer mom truckster.

Sure it’s got more tech, it’s quieter, more fuel efficient than my van, but let’s have a tow off together. My 13,000lb payload trumps that road jewelry’s 7.500lbs (which is one reason I own my baby Bubba).


To be fair to the Escalade, go back to the older models and read some off-road tests from 4-wheeler magazine, that fancy pants suv is actually super capable, if I remember correctly it was keeping up with the H2 off-road lol. The price is outrageous for sure, but it’s a luxury vehicle and to me that means add 20k to what you think it should cost lol. The luxury truck and suv market has always confused me, because I need a truck for working around my property, my pickup has dents on the walls of the bed and scratches from carrying loads of scrap metal, firewood, Jon boats, etc. and the outside of my truck is scratched up from driving through brush to get to a deer or to a backwoods lake, that’s just what a truck is meant for to me.


Well, it’s geared to the lot who will never turn onto a dirt road, much less put it to actual work.

Hey, I’m sure the Escalades and Denalis of the world are capable enough. All I was sayin’ is you don’t have to pay up that much for a capable vehicle. (And actually, at $104000, it sorta better be capable…)


That’s what I don’t get though, if your not doing truck stuff why get a truck? Getting an suv instead of a minivan kind of makes sense, but for the price it doesn’t lol. Idk, I guess I’m too poor to understand why a six figure suv is good to have when you live in the city lol. I’ll be honest, I bought that magazine with the testing I mentioned because I expected the high dollar suv’s to be voopoo quality off-road, and I was pretty shocked that they weren’t.


In some circles STATUS is everything, and if you roll up at St. Stanislaus for the little league game in a Grand Caravan, you may as well show up butt naked.

I say drive what ya dig. I have nothing against those vehicles or their drivers, but personally I would neither drive what I am told is cool, nor pay that much. Which may explain why I don’t run in those circles to begin with!!


I agree, do what you dig lol. I don’t understand those people, but I also don’t judge them, cause there is a lot of shit I don’t understand lol.


Your point notwithstanding…
The H2 in another example of an overpriced POS. :laughing: (no offense, as it’s a great looking thing, at least by my ex-military eye/male opinion lol)

But even it was trash compared to the original H1 (which was basically military surplus). :wink:


True, but I don’t think the H1 had the production or availability like the H2 had. I wish I could remember what issue of which magazine it was, but I know they tested the H2, Escalade, the Ford Expedition and excursion, and the Chevy one (suburban I think). I don’t really go off-roading but I’m fascinated with testing for it for some reason lol.


Always liked this pinnacle of excess.


towing capacity of 20 tons.[4]


Fuggin sexy lol a little too big for me though, I would be making up excuses to tow shit around lol


Oh your house needs relocated to down the block? How about all the way across town? All I need is a chain baby we good


Sorry for not updating sooner on the repairs to the tractor. After I got it back together and running I just got super busy with working dirt around the property.

When I last posted picks of this project I was getting ready to put the front axle back on so here you go.

Getting close to lining it up to the front of the oil pan.

Lined up and ready to torque it down.

Axle, wheels and tires back on and sitting on the ground with no more jacks holding it up.

At this point I put the head back on the engine and did a cold adjustment on the valves. I thought I took some pictures of that but I can not find them if I did.

Fuel tank and radiator back on.

After the first start and ready to clean up all the tools and pull it out of the shop. All that is left to do is put all of the sheet metal back on it after thoroughly testing it out to make sure all is good.

Now I have not taken any more pictures to date because it ran perfect and since you don’t need the sheet metal installed to use it I put it to work moving dirt right away.

The tractor is running better than it ever has but I have still not put the sheet metal parts back on it yet. I think that will be a good project to do once the ground is frozen solid and it is to nasty to be outside doing anything.

I will try to post a picture of it as it is right now later today.


Santa I thought you would like this. Went to my father’s side of the family after Christmas gathering. This guy is quite a collector and has a nice lift in his shop.

The first is a panoramic view of one corner. Hopefully you can expand the pic to see some of the more antique trucks.

Most of the back wall is a single shelf dedicated to Farmall.

I can remember the Western Auto having these when I was at a very young age. In the first pic there is a nice 5 gallon can of lard.

And these gas pumps he has been restoring for the last 5 years or so.


One other pic taken outside. The weather was kind of nasty yesterday so I didn’t ask to go into his other shops. He has 4 or 5. When he didn’t farm he put up high end metal buildings. Some of his buildings have some oldie but goodie tractors and restored cars.