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Giveaway Aspire Feedlink Revvo Kit Date May3rd


3 I think Gunmrtal/Chrome color is optimal.


4 Good Bottle capacity: 7.0ml


5 It’s time to get a squonk!


I love to Squonk


I wish I could squonk
I am interested also in this Innovative ARC coil


It is a good looking kit and looks ergonomic.
I don’t understand why a tank would be needed for a squonker, but think that a squonker might be needed for that tank. LOL!

With that strange coil, the tanks capacity is small and will probably go through some juice?

I really don’t know, but would like to try it and find out. :wink:



My aspire products have all been spot on good. Regardless of weird tanks on a squonker, aspire has some quality stuff IMHO.







  1. Aspire was a very popular company, their squonker is probably better than the kanger versions

  1. Hurray for squonking!


3 pairing the mod with a tank still confuses me


4 the night sky color looks really neat


I really like a battery indicator


Post 1. I looks like a good kit


Post 2. I’m not too sure about the vaping large drop on this one.


Post 3. Tag three peopl. @OUTLAW3 @Lawyer_Abdullah @Monkey_Jungle


Post 4. I don’t post to social media so that my underage newphews don’t get a hint from their uncle that vaping is cool. Tag a few more folks. @Larry_J @Moe18 @curlyboy


1 I really like this squonker