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GIVEAWAY - Geek Vape Aegis Legend Mod, 2 Winners, Ends May 30th


1 I like that it’s stank proof(we will see)
2 camo of course



Does it accept a 30 mm atty it looks like the rubber plug gets in the way of anything bigger than say 25 mm ?

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1 https://plus.google.com/u/1/106027534535254866224/posts/RzAC7WXawZd

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2 This mod must be mine)

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3 Black!!!

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  1. I am fairly certain I just shard the link on google+ I am not sure where or how as it is my first post ever. I don’t even have a Facebook acct. I quit social media a long time ago.
  1. I was really hoping for a dual 20700. After all the reviews of people driving over these things and throwing them in puddles and keeping them submerged in liquids I bought the 100w a few months back. I really like being able to vape at higher watts so the 200w sounds great! The first time I used it on a rainy day. I got water behind the screen. It’s still behind it. Works just fine. But I was a little bummed. It is definitely as durable as my SigelI fuchai 200w which has been through he’ll and back.
  1. orange and black looks slick
  1. behold my mad Lego building skills. Built this during Lego time at the library with my kids. Hah.

Color is not a super huge issue for me. Except black, we have had a lot of problems with black mods!

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#1 I think that more companies should do what Geekvape have done with this, and make mods that are more durable.


#2 I think they all look cool, but the Silver would be my favourite.


#3 Not a vape pic, but I have always been a fan of Gary Larson





I like the soft rubber case of the mod


Most of all I like the Silver color.



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