Griffin 25 Plus

Just picked up a couple of the new Griffin 25 plus RTAs and I have to say that I’m impressed with the changes so far.

The larger 18.9mm build deck is really nice and will allow some crazy builds in this thing but the vest improvement for me is the way wicking is handled in the redesigned deck. No longer do you have to get the wicking just right to fit perfectly in the juice channel under the retaining ring. No more retaining ring and the juice channel is more reminiscent of an RDA. You can now have more wicking material and simply lay it down at the bottom of the well so that it covers the juice holes completely.

Bigger juice flow holes allow for fast juice absorption. Perfect and fast wicking of juice means no more dry hits if you happen to chain vape on it as I would get sometimes with the older Griffin 25. No more leaking issues due to improper wicking. It comes with both the top air flow cap and a regular top cap without air flow. The 4 x 4mm holes in the bottom of the deck provide great airflow and you can get a nice cool vape on a big build if you like. As I mentioned the 18.9mm build deck with 3mm x 2mm velocity-style post holes allows for some large and elaborate coil builds. I’m going to have fun seeing what I can put in this beast!

This tank is really geared towards high-performance set-ups but can also handle simple builds and perform flawlessly. It also comes with a ceramic adapter for running single coil builds but in my opinion this tank is really meant for dual coils. My only complaint with this tank is that you lose some juice capacity due to the larger deck size. You get 5ml in this tank whereas in the older Griffin 25 you had 6.2ml juice capacity (even though I think it was a bit less than that). Still, a 5ml juice capacity is nothing to really complain about.

This tank is a flavor and vapor beast that allows for mild to extreme coil builds and super easy wicking that takes no special methods to get right. Would I recommend this tank to a beginner that is just getting into building their own coils? ABSOLUTELY! This tank is perfect for beginners and seasoned builders alike. Oh and this tank is definitely more for the direct to lung type vapers and less for the mouth to lung type. I suppose you could use the top cap without airflow and close up the bottom airflow to give yourself a more restrictive airflow experience if you wanted a MTL type of hit but to me this is not what this tank was designed for.

If any of you have been wondering what the differences were in the new version of the Griffin tank, I hope this has helped some.

My Rating (out of 5)

  • 5 - Appearance
  • 5 - Build Deck
  • 5 - Easy of Wicking
  • 5 - Air Flow
  • 5 - Flavor Production
  • 5 - Vapor Production
  • 4 - Juice Capacity

Here are a few picks of my latest build with this tank. It was a fused clapton 2 x 26g / 32g, 3.5 id, 5/4 wraps coming in at 0.21 ohms.


That’s a lot of wick for an RTA. Reminds me of wicking my RDAs but it works flawlessly! No leaking & no dry hits, even if I chain vape.


Most of the newer RTA’s are pretty much just RDA Decks attached to a tank in one way or another. It’s no surprise that the newer tanks have large decks and plenty of space for coils and wick.

How is the flavor of the 25?

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The flavor of the Griffin 25 and the new 25 plus is great!


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I just ordered a black one about 30 minutes ago hoping I did the right thing based on your review
I feel I did thanks !

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Does anyone know where to find 25 plus parts? I found glass tubes but am looking for the replacement decks for the griffin 25 plus.
Are the 25 and 25plus decks interchangable?
1 site for all replacement parts is preferred :slight_smile:

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Here is a good place for replacement parts.

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Okay cool. I checked their site and saw all the parts. I guess i didnt know that one could use the same deck and other goodies as the regular 25. Thanks!

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The build deck is different for the 25 plus vs the 25. The wicking “hole” are different for sure.


What is wrong with your 25 plus deck that you need a replacement?

Nothing is wrong with either! I just over prepare! With everything from household to vape!