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Hangsen Tobaccos

Just my luck they don’t have it in the UK shop. I got the Highway, Ancient/Old which is Old Holborn, recently renamed Elder Captain I believe and I ordered a bottle of British Essence, described as having a dark, earthy wood taste. Now if that wood happens to be cedar wood I will be finally entering heaven :grinning:


Hangsen is pretty much 99% of what I vape. I can’t say they are better than other tobacco flavorings, because I really don’t have experience with other tobacco flavors. I’ve only been mixing about 4 months. Before I got into DIY, I did a lot of searching on the net, about DIY tobacco mixing, and tried to get an idea of what tobacco flavors got the highest reviews. I didn’t have much of a budget for flavors, considering all the other supplies I was trying to acquire. I did as much reading as I could, in order to try and make DIY a successful endeavor, and keep frustration at a minimum. My goal was to stop smoking cigarettes totally, and find a suitable DIY replacement.

I started with Hangsen. Overall, they seemed to have good reviews from tobacco lovers. Yep, it was a crapshoot, but I really didn’t have anything else to go by. My first Hangsen flavors were Highway, TAB Blended, Desert Ship, and RY4.

I had spent a month or two, vaping commercial ‘tobacco’ mixes from local vape shops, while I gathered my DIY info. They always came up short on decent tobacco flavor. I was really hoping the Hangsen was going to be my answer.

It exceeded my expectations, which had been tempered by my experiences with the vape shop tobacco mixes. I was blown away by the Hangsen flavors. After another month, I added a few more Hangsen flavors, then a few more.

I’m sure there are some other very good tobacco flavors out there, but I didn’t have a need to wander away from my Hangsen happy place.

I now have Hangsen Deluxe, RY1, Turkish, Gold & Silver, No 5, Desert Ship, TAB, Highway, Arabic, and RY4.

I have a blast, doing 50/50 mixes with 2 of them, or 40 / 30 / 30 with 3 of them. I’ve discovered some excellent ‘Hangsen Combos’ doing that.

Eventually, I do want to try other tobacco flavors. The only thing holding me back is I haven’t finished finding all the wonderful Hangsen combinations yet! Not enough time in the day! But I will try others.

…and I did reach my goal, and I credit that partially to Hangsen. Total substitution to tobacco flavored vapes. Adios cigarettes. Haven’t had one, or even the desire to have one, since I went DIY.


How do you like the Turkish? I was a Camel smoker for 33 years and every now and again miss the flavor…

Turkish is absolutely one of my Hangsen favorites. I was a Camel Filter / Camel Wide Lights smoker for years.

Desert Ship, No 5, Highway, & RY1 are also right up there, at the top of my personal list.

Edit: I should add, I was never able to duplicate the Camel flavor, and honestly, at this point, I think it would be a step backwards. The stuff I’m vaping tastes so much better than what I remember my smokes tasted like.

That’s just my opinion though.


My first encounter with Arabic didn’t go well. I had just received it, was new at DIY, and didn’t have much info as to mixing tips for it. From the beginning, I tried to stay at or below, 10% total flavorings. I don’t remember where I had read that guideline, but I needed some starting point, not having the experience to know different.

So, I mixed a small test batch of Arabic at 10%, to get an idea of what I was working with.

P O T E N T…Once I got my head re-attached, and brushing my teeth twice to try and get the taste out of my mouth, I cut it back to 5%, and put it on the back shelf. I decided to revisit it, at a later date, and as an additive only, adding just a bit to other tobaccos.

Last night, my tank needed to be refilled. I was down to the last half mil or so, of a 50/50 TAB Blended & No 5 mixture. I was deciding what to add to it, and said, what the heck, I’ll do some Arabic, I’m feeling brave…lol.

I’m not above doing some tank mixing. I added about 2 eye droppers (15ml bottle size) of the 5% Arabic, and gave it a taste test. It actually wasn’t too bad, but it seemed to need something sweet, with it. I added about 3/4 of an eye dropper of 5% Caramel Candy. Wow, did that bring it all together. What a nice combo.

Now I need to start trying to concoct a mix with accurate measurements & percentages, now that I have a rough idea of strengths & balance of flavors that compliment the Arabic.

Like Jim said, complex & bold. It’s a strong flavor. I may try a 50/50 mix with the Arabic and another Hangsen tobacco, and cut back the added sweetness a bit.

I’m looking forward to exploring with Arabic again.

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:confounded:…you, sir, are a wild man!

I’ve found that 3.5% is about my cut off percent with the Arabic. Actually vaping on my Arabic Brewski at the moment…been hooked on that one for a few days now. :wink:

I just didn’t know any better!..lol

It took me 3 months to get brave enough to go near it again. Arabic is definitely a unique flavor.

I’m with ya’, on the 3.5% and below range. I learned my lesson.

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A few Hangsen tobacco reviews for the thread:

Nice light version of the RY family. Not at all heavy with caramel and vanilla. Wouldn’t say non de script, but it is a very light tobacco flavor in the Virginia line. Needs to be the highest percentage in the mix for it to be perceived. Tested at 5%; good but wanted more flavor.

555 take off…Nutty, slight sweet with caramel, woody and a bit earthy. Not bitter or chemical tasting. Tested at 5% and was tasty, but wanted more flavor.

Elder Captain:
Light smooth pipe tobacco flavor with a hint of fruit; perhaps I’m picking up on a white grape note. Slight cedar, musty and leathery quality. No harsh notes at all. Make it the high percentage in the mix or the flavor of the tobacco will be hidden.

Tastes of mature tobacco leaves (seco); woody, slightly musty and lightly sweet with a dry finish. No overpowering aroma comes with this tobacco. It will make a great addition tobacco for mixes that need a little more depth in the mouthfeel area. Tested at 5%; mixes will use a bit less.

This is NOT your spicy, dark, sharp Cuban cigar flavored liquid. Many people think that’s what a Cuban is all about…it’s not. This Cuban is all about the smooth, mellow, mature aged leaf. There’s nothing that bites in the bottle. This liquid will blend nicely with other tobaccos of like kind, for a fine smooth cigar vape. There is no ash quality with this liquid, so the addition of a tobacco absolute is suggested, should you wish to have an ashy finish. Tested great at 5%.

Super nice complex tobacco! Sweet as is, no need to sweeten. Dark molasses with hints of caramel, leather, plum and honey; nice slight bitter after taste. Tested at 5%, very good! This will go great with whiskey or rum.


Very nice write up & review, Jim!

I don’t have the Elder Captain, Hava, & Cuba. It’s nice to see your evals on them. I’m intrigued by the Hava & Cuba. I’m going to have to add them to the list of flavors to get, once the holidays are over.

I think it was mentioned somewhere in the ecf Hangsen thread, how forgiving the Hangsen Tobaccos are, to mix with. I keep coming up with mixes that are very good, to my tobacco loving taste buds, using the Hangsen flavors. I’m still so new to DIY. I certainly have to attribute that luck, to the flavors themselves, and not my mixing expertise.


…couple of more Hangsen tobacco reviews for the thread:

Very light and airy tobacco with faint notes of fresh fruit; cool in nature, with no bite or ashy notes. Based on a Pall Mall cigarette. I never smoked Pall Mall, but would have in a pinch if they tasted as nice as this liquid! For more throat hit, use a little DNB or tobacco absolute in the mix. Mixed at 5%, but wanted a bit more.

Turkish Blended:
Finally, a Turkish tobacco liquid that can be an all day vape. Similar to taste to a filtered Camel Light cigarette, but needs a bit of tobacco absolute or DNB in the mix for throat hit. Other users say 7% to 12% in the mix; this being the only down side to the liquid. Having mixed it at 5%, I can see why people are saying mix at a higher percentage. However, since this liquid is somewhat NET in creation, this is to be expected


I think I was wrong assuming Elder Captain was the same as Ancient. The Ancient has a kind of salty liquorice taste on the exhale, there’s no fruit that I can taste. They recommended mixing it at 20%, I did 10 and it is pretty tasty.

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Ancient? Is this an INW flavor? Am I blind, or is it sold only in the EU?

Sounds yummy! :kissing_heart:

Ok, n’er mind! Forgot this was the Hangsen thread!!! Duh! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That’s old age for yah Granddad :skull:

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No freaking kidding! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Anybody in Europe seen this?

-IMPORTANT NOTE: From 1st January 2016 the Hangsen company has ceased to deliver their aromas and tobacco essences for blending DIY eliquids to the European market. Therefore, we encourage all customers blending own DIY eliquids based on Hangsen’s aromas and essences for placing orders. Those products are only available while stocks last and afterwards, become permanently unavailable in Europe. No time to waste, order now!-

This is hangsenshop EU!!! WTF is going on here?

Well that bites! Good thing is, you can stock up on some essence flavours at a good price; shelf life on those are pretty non-existent…older they are, the better they become! But still, the fact remains they are ditching HS for whatever reason.

Not really, they haven’t got a lot left and the price isn’t all that good, not for the ones I want anyway. I get a better price at cig-eliquid.co.uk and the prices at juicefactory.au are even better.

[quote=“Kinnikinnick, post:23, topic:36806”]
they are ditching HS for whatever reason.
[/quote]Only flavours, not liquids. I don’t know if they are anticipating new regulations in the EU, if they are, it doesn’t bode wel for DIY

Wow, that’s not good news. Doesn’t sound like there was much warning at all.

None at all. I got the email today, that’s more than two months after the date.

I posted the notice over at ECF, in the Hangsen thread. Maybe someone over there knows whats going on.

Lots of Hangsen fans there.