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Heaven Gifts 11th Anniversary Massive Contest: Each Prize is Worth up to $200--10/8


Oct 6
Post 2
Vaper and jams! Clouds and tunes! Haha, wismec done did it again…

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Oct 6
Post 3
One of the best looking mods on the market today. Geekvape did a great job with this one. I like the screen and the board that’s in this mod, some people wish it had a different board, but I think it’s good.

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10/6 #1 Geekvape Cerberus tank in Gunmetal looks a colour and finish and the mesh coils for it are excellent



10/6 #2 Freemax doing some great subohm tanks and coils at the moment Like the look of the black standard resin version in this Freemax Mesh Pro range.



10/6 #3 Had the Lostvape Paranormal 75W for 10 months now. Showing signs of wear and tear now, but a beautiful mod that has served me well. Would love to upgrade to the 250W version in Gunmetal Black Grey Kavlar or Pearlfish version


  1. 5 Oct
    I want this
  1. 5 Oct
    The best mod out there
  1. 5 Oct
    Well, the best mod out there right now at least.



I forgot to mention that @Sprkslfly will take any broke down mod off your hands. He can even fix something you might think is dead, and it just might be, but he will know weather it can or can’t. I am not sure if he still fixes things, but I am sure he would let you know if you got a hold of him.

just thought I would put that out there. I know for me, it is hard to get rid of a mod, even if it is broken, but I realized I am not near as good at fixing them as he is and I now regularly give him my broken stuff, and in this industry or hobby or whatever the mods brake frequently and often.




Oh well, still gone. I think what annoys me the most are the batteries and my recoil where both with the mod and they are gone too. My recoil is gone… I don’t normally pay that much for an atty, and now it is gone…

Oh well, Sh!t happens






I have to admit that I would like to get my hands on this little bugger. 3000 mah. I like that.


6/10 #1


I’m a big fan of DNA mods and the paranormal seems to be the best on the market right now.


6/10 #2


I think I prefer the paranormal, but I also wouldn’t mind a triple battery DNA mod.


6/10 #3


YIHI chipset in a good looking and (hopefully) a good performing mod. Have been wanting one of these ever since I first saw it.


10/6 #1
Tesla Punk 85W TC Box MOD
Nice design


10/6 #2
OBS Cube VW Box MOD 3000mAh
Excellent design, great battery capacity.

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10/6 #3
Vapecige VTX 100W TC Box MOD
Rubber paint body with comfortable hand fill.

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10/6 1)https://www.heavengifts.com/product/Lost-Vape-Paranormal-MOD.html?AID=12246670&PID=7599014&SID=69918X1518307X3565038a3506b33513a5713ac228d166&source=CJ&utm_source=cj&utm_medium=cps&utm_campaign=2617611&utm_content=7599014&utm_term=Eleaf+Lemo&cjevent=c9698080c96311e880df00490a240613
Incorporates cutting edge technology

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10/6 2) https://www.heavengifts.com/product/Lost-Vape-Paranormal-MOD.html?AID=12246670&PID=7599014&SID=69918X1518307X3565038a3506b33513a5713ac228d166&source=CJ&utm_source=cj&utm_medium=cps&utm_campaign=2617611&utm_content=7599014&utm_term=Eleaf+Lemo&cjevent=c9698080c96311e880df00490a240613
With one of the best chipsets available

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10/6 3)https://www.heavengifts.com/product/Lost-Vape-Paranormal-MOD.html?AID=12246670&PID=7599014&SID=69918X1518307X3565038a3506b33513a5713ac228d166&source=CJ&utm_source=cj&utm_medium=cps&utm_campaign=2617611&utm_content=7599014&utm_term=Eleaf+Lemo&cjevent=c9698080c96311e880df00490a240613
While offering a strikingly handsome device

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