Hello and Happy Christmas

Hello everyone
New member here!
I have been off the ciggies ( smoker for over 30 years!) and vaping for 5 weeks now,
I have a kangertech mini which is ok I guess but then I have nothing to compare to but I based my purchase on reviews!
Discovered this place a couple of weeks ago and have taken the plunge into the world of DIY!
Recieved a starter kit yesterday along with some flavourings with some more on the way.
Still trying to find my flavour but that was costing me a small fortune! And I thought I would be saving money as well?
Hence the DIY!
Well that’s my story so far and hopefully I will get involved and make some progress along the way!
Have a happy Christmas folks!


Hi Chewy, welcome aboard!

Ha, I think most of us flavor junkies are probably spending more these days, but it’s a fun hobby that has at least one really awesome community of folks. Most forums have come after me with pitchforks by now! I hope you find it rewarding and helpful.

I recommend you load your flavors into your stash, it is useful to add prices, even if they are not real, so that when you view a recipe you can see what is in it that you do not have. I’ll recommend a “what can I make” once your stash is loaded and then sort by polularity to get some good “starters.” I’d also say that if you aren’t shy you can make it public.


ThanKs TRW!
Great tips!
I will get a list compiled!

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That’s awesome! Stay strong merry Xmas you’re already off to a great new year!


Welcome to the forum @Chewy! If you haven’t already visited these threads, they are a good place to get started if you’re needing some info:

And if you get a chance, say hello in the intro thread! :slightly_smiling:


Welcome Chewy. What part of EU are you from?

Share your stash when you get it loaded into ELR. There is a setting on… um… crap. The main page is down again. Someone email @daath.

Anyway, when it gets back up you can enter your flavors into your stash and share you stash so others can see what flavors you have to work with. It makes it easier to give you ideas on what you might need, or what you can mix.


Hi and Merry Chritmas from the UK. I’m a newbie on here as well. Definitely spending more but it’s way better fun. In my very short time on here I’ve had loads of valuable advice. The flavour list is great, choose the vendor flavours with the best reviews, I’ve purchased some flavours thinking that sounds nice and it turns out to be not so great. I searched my purchased flavours and guess what, they didn’t get great reviews. I’ve put all my flavours in my flavour list and if I’m stuck it will suggest recipes for me. Good luck and Merry mixing. :sunglasses:


Greetings …of ALL kinds, Chewy!!
I know its easy to blow the budget doin this but its still a whole lot cheaper than that other yucky stuff!
Vappy Christmas!!!


Seasons Welcomes @Chewy! Happy Christmas backatcha!


Welcome Chewy ! Merry Christmas back at ya !


Thank you all for the welcome and festive good wishes!
I hope that you are all having a great time and that Santa was good to you all?

I am from the UK in the land of whisky,haggis and shortbread!

My flavour stash has been updated to my profile if anyone cares to look.
Many flavour still to get so recommendations are welcome!
If it helps I have a sweet tooth!

Looking forward to trying out some recipes and keeping me away from the dreaded cancer sticks!

Has anyone tried any irn bru recipes?
My favourite non alcoholic beverage, well it is Scotland’s other national drink and has a very unique taste.
I would say similar to a sort of citrus bubblegum ?

Enjoy the rest of your day and speak soon.


@Chewy’s public stash is here: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/publicstash/38523 :slightly_smiling:

Don’t come around here bragging! Did you know that the toothbrush was invented in Oklahoma (USA)? Had it been invented elsewhere it would be a teethbrush. Haha. I’m good friends with a real life Scotsman. . .we joke around a lot. I once got him to say eden-burg. My crowning achievement. You could have listed off a lot of other things! Indecipherable Futbol commentary?

I too have a sweet tooth and I vape a lot of SnV. Fruits are your best bet for starting out quickly. Were I not on my phone, I would link you to a thread I started on quick flavor tasting…I use it a lot to develop SnVs. I’ve noticed some people labeling their recipes with SnV as well.