Help DIY Mixing By Weight

Hi guys… I’m interested in ditching the syringes and moving onto mixing with scales. To do this I really need some clarification on what weight value constitutes a ML for each ingredient. Anyone out there available to help me out? Is there a set standard for each ingredient or do I need to ask every manufacturer for Gravity weight stats?
Many Thanks in Advance. :slight_smile:

Flavour Concentrate: ??.??mg/ml

VG: ??.??mg/ml

PG: ??.??mg/ml

I think it’s the 3rd or 4th thread down for the guide to mix by weight.

If you go into your user preferences on the site there’s a spot where it says “Measure in drops or grams.” Make sure that is set to grams. The calculator will do the rest for you. As for flavors, there are two schools of thought on that one. Some people check the box right under “measure in…” that says “use manufacturer specific gravities” while others prefer to leave it unchecked. If it is checked and the spec grav is in the database (most are), the calculator will use that. Otherwise it will use the default of 1 g/ml (spec grav of water). Others prefer to leave it unchecked and use 1 g/ml, as it tends to be a little more universal. I do the latter, mostly because I also keep my recipes in a spreadsheet and it is easier to put in flavors at 1g/ml.

Common weights:
Water - 1 g/ml
PG - 1.036 g/ml
VG - 1.26 g/ml
Alcohol - 0.787 g/ml

The calculator uses the PG/VG weight for nic base, as the difference is negligible.

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Just use the calculator on this site … that’s all I ever use

Thanks a lot for the replies. I will check out the measure by weight bit to the calculator. I expect my scales to arrive soon and look forward to put an end to all these syringes. X

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I’m sure you won’t regret it. Everyone who switches (including myself) says “Why didn’t I do this sooner??” :stuck_out_tongue:

I started mixing by weight pretty quick ,Way easier and faster . If you are unsure about the weight of things just weight them . For example take 1ml of VG and weight it . Then you will have the weight per ml. I would say with flavorings a lot of people just go by 1ml =1gram . The calculator on this site is really good when mixing by weight IMO. I’m sure you’ll love it . Good luck
PS. The weight @JoJo said is what I use . I’m pretty sure that’s the standard.

Hi i am new to DIY i have been mixing by ml, havent tried mixing by weight just nees a few tips like when people say use about 20% concentrate is that overall flavor,

Eg: if i use strawberry ripe and cheesecake (graham crust) would that be 12% strawberry 8% cheesecake. Or is it 20% each.

The 20% is simply a guide, there is no must here, mixing flavors at 10% or higher can be very over whelming. INW Rhubarb as an example can over whelm a recipe at .25%.


You should ignore any advice that says your total flavoring should be 10 or 20%, or any percent for that matter. You’ll arrive at better tasting results much more quickly if you focus on the actual flavorings. For each flavor determine your ideal “solo” percentage (either through testing/tasting and/or using the flavor database), and consider THAT your max percent for that one flavor. If you’re mixing one or two flavors, it’s rare that a total flavor percentage as high as 20% would even be vapeable. In a recipe that has a lot of flavors, you’ll likely find that smaller amounts of each (than their individual max percentages) works out better than pumping your juice with 34% flavorings.


What @Samsound and @jminion1947 said :+1:

I start by using the median mix % even when doing sft, then I can add to it as needed to find the right strength for my tastebuds…which might be too strong for some but too weak for others.

Happy mixing and welcome aboard @Dano7 ! :smiley:

Ok thank you all for your help, another question if you dont mind, if i see a recipe on here that uses 6% of 1 flavor an 7% of another flavor an that recipe was for a 25ml bottle would i still use 6% an 7% for a 120ml bottle or use a little more of each flavor

You would still use the same percentages if you wish to create the same recipe 10% is 10% i.e 10% in a 10ml bottle is 1 ml and 10% in a 100ml bottle is 10ml… they are still just 10% of the volume.

Ok thank you, its just that i have made a few juices an tasted amazing straight after a mix but taste muted after a week or so. Its so hard to get right lol

Okay… what I’m about to say is what you “should be” doing. I say it like that because I should be doing it also but normally don’t… don’t be that guy (me)… lol
You “should” be keeping good notes especially when your first starting off on those recipes that seem to be dropping their flavor profiles so you might be able to correct it later… say a strawberry flavor seems to be going away on a juice your making after a 2 week steep… and you know your not going to be vaping it until after it has steeped those 2 weeks. By using your notes you see that it was good after 3 days and when you’d tested it after a week, it was still good… but right when you hit that full steeped period you were wanting (because that is how long the other ingredients took to meld together), you lost that strawberry… you might consider adding a touch more strawberry, or possibly a different mix of different types strawberry to carry that flavor profile on through and still have it when you are ready to start vaping it.
Without taking good notes (really when your first learning the flavors and how they hold up, or what can be done to extend their profile without over powering the rest of the mix or loosing one of the other flavors), you’ll tend to forget or be doing a lot of needless guesswork, and will be able to recreate a juice time and time again as you wish.


Ok cool i didnt think about taking notes will start doing that thank you, that should help me determine steep time for each flavor an recipe. I havent got a clue how long to steep for. One of my friends tried and gave up on diy juice an hes buying juices from shops i find that expencive as i vape about 20ml per day plus i am a persistent person an keep at diy until i get it right. Hence why i am here asking for advice, i need to sleep now its 3am uk time, again thanks for your help. And im sure i will be back with more questions at some point


I didn’t think about taking notes either. A reason why I love this site. I learn something from the most helpful people ever!


As an addition to @CallMeTut`s excellent suggestion and using his example, you could also add the flavours that will take longer to steep first then add the strawberry at a time that will ensure that all the flavours reach maturity at the same time
I do something similar with additives that I know will mute the flavours of my juices