HELP! I cannot find a good cherry flavoring!

Yea that is one knock I’d have to say there’s too many named the same thing. I can not distinguish btw them. I got mine at Ecx.


Mine the rebottled ECX also.


I have been down the same road that you have and the only one I have found to work with that is good is Wild Cherry by Flavor West…its mild but holds its own when used in recipes. If they don’t have it use the Cherry Crush by Flavor West…that one is good in recipes but not so much on its own.


Since you’ve tried all the Cherry’s may you please inform me as to which concentrates actually taste more like cough medicine/syrup

That was a very old post and a bit overstated on my part. I had tried several cherries, but not all. I’ve since landed on Cherries INW as my go to.