Help me please

Is there a place with the list of all flavors and suggested percentages for using them singly I just got my first kit has 15 concentrated started them all off at 5% but I can tell some need to be lower like the coffee that strong others I don’t know yet cuz it’s has a steep long enough


Hello. On the mixing side, under user drop down, find flavor list. Here type in your flavor name (brand) ie apple (tpa), it will give u mixing % avgs. both single and mixes and u can read notes by others about it and recipes containing it. There are many threads here for beginners to get u started too. Gl to you!!


What @worm1 said:


@Toraus be sure to review all these Beginner topics, because learning to use the Tools on ELR Home (Calculator/Flavor Stash) are very powerful but not immediately obvious. Pay close attention first on how to correctly add your new flavors to your Flavor Stash. Doing this first step incorrectly will block everything else.


Read the original post for the following threads. You will gain a much better understanding of things new mixers have questions about.


I’ve used this before:
re: Here is a list for flavor starting percentages!