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Help Needed with Recipes


Thank you I appreciate your kind words and support nice to know and hear.

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ill second that… right now im vaping.

Not Your Mama’s Cheesecake
6.00% Liquid Barn - Strawberry Cheesecake
2.00% Liquid Barn - Peach

which by far is a lot better than anything I got at my local vape shop…

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I have a question for you as I believe you are a very experienced mixer and your recipes look really good. I live in the Algarve, Portugal and I have been using a company online based in Portugal that supply concentrates. But the concentrates that they supply are not original bottles they are their own bottles with the flavour name and then capella, tpa, fa, fw etc. I had been told that I should be only buying the original bottles. I asked the company that I have been buying from if they mix or dilute the concentrates that I have been supplied and they said no but I have no proof. Do you think it is better to go with a company that only supplies original bottle concentrates like Chef Flavours.

This is the company that I have been getting my concentrates from:




I appreciate the compliments so thank you … As for rebottling , alot of companies do that ( rebottle ) . My experiance is limited to the USA and the companies I order from have great reputations so therebis no concern of any tampering with the original formulations . If I did have any concerns I would look elsewhere … I believe chefs also rebottles flaves so maybe go with them and get their rebottled flaves to save a bit of money … Hopefully that helps



Thanks for your help and advice, It was something I never thought about I am very new to mixing my own liquids. The company that I have been using only send me re-bottled liquids so it is hard for me to know. I suppose the only way to be safe is buy the original bottles and that way I know exactly what I am getting. But at the moment I am mixing my own liquids on a limited budget as I could not longer afford one 60ml liquid plus nicotine from vape shops. And plus I hate walking into vape shops and been taken advantage of so I learnt how to build my own tanks and now make my own liquids. The company that I have been getting my concentrates from that are re-bottled are very nice, their service is amazing and they always send me a free concentrate, drip tip, cotton and nothing is any trouble. If I need a concentrate they do not have they will go out of their way and get it for me. I am just stuck at the moment who is telling the truth but I understand both sides of the story. Thanks for your help much appreciated.



I’m no expert but if you feel they are tampering with the flavors I’d go somewhere else.



Well I have no proof I asked them in an email and they were very open. So I have also looked at the reviews online for the shop and they are all very positive. I just went to a vape shop yesterday and they said something to me. I think I was just being told this as the vape shop may want my business. But when I have been where I went yesterday they are always off with me and could do without me going to their shop which I try not too and can do without. Also the place that I have been buying my concentrates from and have been given the information of doubt. They have a few shops and the photos on their website they look really clean and tidy, the service is really good and so I am happy to buy from them. They are very informative and they make you feel always welcome. As I also mentioned when I make on order they always send me a free concentrate and gift. I have never had that from any vape shop that I had been using in 4 years not even a glass of water! I maybe being gullable, when I get my order the order is very well presented and they pack it very nice, I have not had any bad smelling or bad tasting concentrates. I have some original concentrates but not that I can compare if they are the same. I may get some and see if they are the same and then I will know either way.



I hate to say this bc it is going to generalize vape shops… In my experiance a vape shop will say negative things about shopping online and DIY , mainly because they want your business … Heres an example , A friend of mine owns a vape shop ( great guy ) but one of his new employess didnt know me so he started talking about online shops and DIY mixers ( all negative ) I didnt argue I just played dumb , Chris the owner came out and basically putbthe kid in check , then introduced us , he told the kid to be careful what you say bc you never know who your talking to lol … So imo the vape shop may be trying to scare you so they could get your :moneybag:



I think exactly the same I used to go in and get my tanks re-built as I did not think it was possible for me to learn. So when I used to take them in to get new coils and wicked I would
sometimes walk away come home.Then I would get dry hits and the tanks were wicked worse than if I had tried. So I used to go back in and say this tank is no good the flavour is bad, so I used to get tut’s, eye rolling and stupid English man as they would say in Portuguese. Funnily I never told them I can speak Portuguese. So I used to also play dumb and just listen to what they would say. So then I just walked away looked for all the tanks I have on Youtube, brought myself coils and cotton and never needed to go back in. Then I looked at starting to make my own liquids and that was me self sufficient. I just go in to get some coils and nicotine. But now my next thing is to start learning to build my own coils, I know a couple of vape shops that I can get the nic shots from and they do not care if I go in or not. Here in Portugal they hate people that are not Portuguese, I have lived here for 12 years and I have Portuguese residencia, I also try and mix only with Portuguese people but they are not interested at all in any outsiders unless you have money then they love that. So I just keep myself to myself do not pretend to be their friends and just live in peace!!



I am no expert on Chefs but there are many on ELR that use them as their go to source. People from the UK use them more frequently than those from the US.

From what I know, Chefs has an outstanding reputation. They do sell both original bottles and rebottled product. I would not be afraid of purchasing their rebottled flavors and my next order will be some rebottled flavors. The reputation they have I wouldn’t think they would tarnish it by diluting down the original product. It should be just as good as the original bottles and in some cases a little cheaper on the price.