Help trying to make sweetener base

Not having ever used it i cannot answer for sure - I would be using complimentary acids or other flavours to do the job before i used white vinegar. I use the chart below.

The only time i have ever used vinegar is in the stone i mentioned earlier and the amount in finished juice is very very small - since i generally use the stevia stone at about .25% the amount of actual vinegar in the mix is around 0.00375%

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Thank you for the quick response. And TY for your time.
Would using your stone keep me from having to use Sweet Strawberry to brighten Ripe Strawberry in a Recipe ?

It is primarily a replacement for sweeteners (super sweet etc) but it would sweeten your ripe strawberry if that is what you are chasing. Lemon flavours at low % will brighten Strawberry, as will raspberry, citric acid , malic acid - not exactly sure what you are chasing but there are a few things you can try.

I’m a DIY beginner somewhat, come to think of it.
Lemon Sicily @ very low % comes to mind.I’ll go back to reading others “notes” on it, and try finding my Happy Median. I remember using it in Strawberry Ripe to stand out. Of course that’s before I realized how important notes should be taken on everything. Lesson learned there lol.
That was 3 yrs ago, went back to buying other vendors juices, with that being said, I wasn’t as committed then as I am this time around and taking my DIY to different levels of reading, experimenting then asking questions. Again ty so much

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Well, with that new sweetener surfacing, I am going to take the ingredients (minus sucralose, replace that with monkfruit extract) and add it to this base.

It seems 80/20 erythritol/ stevia is what you two are using or 75/25.

Looking to add ethyl maltol and monkfruit extract into this base. What would be a good amount for the ethyl maltol?

Seems I have come up with these numbers, what do you guys who have already been combining stevia and erythritol think?

yes i used 80 Erythritol and 20 LS pyure i am going to. order the monk fruit as well if itnhas no aftertaste ill rework what im using now , woftam does a 75/25 ratio

note : i will not use EM or sucralose

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After vigorously tasting it tonite alongside stevia and other sweeteners, I believe you will like it. Seems a bit cleaner tasting than stevia, slightly less strong, but still much stronger than erythritol. I do like the sharp almost bitter strength of stevia, but it turns some off.

Why no EM? Health or taste reasons?

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taste and muting , i believe EM tends to mute recipes ( some say tone down the sharp points ) but i use creams in almost everything so they tone any sharp notes down , and maltol is used in many flaves to add it would just add to and issues EM has already , just my opinion

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Distilled white vinegar will help make a fruit in a mix pop or “brighten” it up while still leaving the other flavors alone. Just kinda drags the fruit(s) forward and actually can give it a juiciness at the same time :ok_hand:t2:

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For me, a drop or 2 in 30ml mix is plenty. Fill a little 10ml bottle with some and give it a try.

Try an identical mix in 2 seperate 30ml bottles. One with a drop or 2 of DWV and the other without. See wut u think brother