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Help us test out the new chat


Are you guys actively using this now ?? Same as Skype/TeamSpeak/Ventrillo ??

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I’m trying here guys. It won’t let me past the image verification ?? Maybe it doesn’t like Firefox. Click all the right square, verify, then the button grays out, and locks up.


There are around 20+ people in the chat at all times. I never used any of those so i cant compare them but compared to IRC it is a bit fancier with inline images and video’s which isnt always a plus. Right, @Joel5? :stuck_out_tongue:

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It worked on my firefox bro. are you trying to download the desktop app?

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Honestly i dont know what the problem is, i had no issues with Waterfox.

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Very strange, finally got in, but I was stuck in the circle from hell, clicking all the MOUNTAIN pictures, clicking all the ROAD SIGN pictures, and it’s like it kept saying was clicking wrong LOL. Then after 15 attempts, tried to load, crashed, then said Laars sent me an invite ?? Then it let me in.

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Okay I waited until the last minute to comment. I hated discord conceptually and I gave it a chance because the irc channel got really really quiet. In the end, discord is not bad, its just not irc. For me that is a hurdle, but one I am willing to put up with. A few suggestions:

1.) We MUST get the bot online. I’ll do anything I can to help port the ELR commands over to a discord bot. It might be helpful if the bot was only present in a separate channel, but it is far too useful to completely give it up.
2.) @Joel5 should have his own channel, that guy is into some damn weird porn.
3.) https://github.com/reactiflux/discord-irc seems to be able to bridge irc and discord, which might be a good option if it works.
4.) There is a subreddit about discord bots, I’m sure you have google, but https://www.reddit.com/r/discordapp/comments/5swymn/best_2017_discord_bots_updated/

That is all.


:joy: No kidding! He makes me feel normal…


There’s a little bit of the sign in the image next to the black sign. It’s just a sliver, but it’s there.

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