Help with coil wire

I’ve pretty much mixed every wire type. Just make sure your mod can handle it if your ohms get low.

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also…if I am correct in saying, kanthal only for power/watt mode. SS can be used in both TC and Watt modes…the rest for TC.

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I’ve run Kanthal and SS combos as well as Kanthal and Nichrome 80 with no problem. It will wreak havoc in TC mode so I would only recommend wattage mode if you combine. I never combine anything with Ti. Just plain “springs” and only in TC mode. The most important factor is making sure you understand Ohms Law and you aren’t building anything your mod and batteries can’t handle. Not playing it safe is just looking for disaster.

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I run nichrome and kanthal mixed and I know my mod and battery’s limit. Thank you for the answer everyone it’s always great to have help from the vape community. Also wasn’t really planning on running it in TC because I’ll be mixing n80 with ss316. The only time I run my coils in TC MODE is when I’m just using all Ni200 and ss316. Again thank you’re the response everyone I do appreciate it.


I use k1, n80 and ss316L all the time. It all depends on the build. If I’m doing fused clapton for series I use k1 cores to keep the ohms high enough but use n80 for the wrap as I like colors and the taste of nichrome. Doing a rta build I love using ss316L for fused clapton or alien , spaced or not depending on if I intend on using it in tc.

So each wire has its own characteristics.

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Hi Vaping community I’m new to building and was considering using my kanthal 24-30awg Clapton wire to wrap around my ni80 24awg wire

Any advice on a build like this ? Would this work has anyone ever used nichrome80 as their core wire and Clapton wire as secondary ?