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Help with Flavours


Hello All,
I’ve been making liquids for about 6 months now and I’ve made what feels like tons of different recipes. I’ve only found two that are my ADV. They are TOC’s After Dinner cigar and OhoSsOhO (Tribecca-ish).
Can anyone suggest a recipe that is similar tasting to these two. Or part of me thinks that the other recipes that I’ve tried don’t taste great because I use a high mg of nicotine (18mg) so if I can maybe get suggestions for recipes that have a high nic content?
Thanks :):grin:


I’m no help with tobaccos, but i am curious as to what type of vape devices you are using. Are you low wattage mouth to lung, or medium to high powered direct to lung?

With 18mg, I’m guessing/assuming you are a MTL vaper. Are you happy with your gear? Do you build your own coils? Or, use replaceable coil heads?

I ask because your equipment and type of coil/atomizer can have an impact on how you taste certain recipes. Lots of current recipes were designed for fairly powerful set-ups and there is a possibility that could be in play here.


Yes I am strictly MTL and have two RTA’s. The berserker mini and the kayfun prime. I build my own coils. Both RTA’s have 26g Kanthal wire.
I vape both devices at 13.5w and both coils come out to just over 1 ohm. :slight_smile:


Hi , I really like tobacco flavours, FA Glory is a great stand alone at 2%, a nice nutty tobacco flavour. Also FA Golden Rollie is a great vape, both need a good steep to bring out the best in them as with all tobacco’s


Nice! That Kayfun looks super nice. Does it have a bit more airflow than the Berserker? A friend is looking for something less restricted.

Anyway, back to your recipes! If you can post a couple that haven’t hit the mark, someone with tobacco experience might be able to help with that part. You can always use the wrench menu in the recipe and adjust total flavor % up or down to see if a recipe might work better for you.

Sometimes a recipe that has a low total % works great in a high power situation and might need a % boost for low wattage. Best of luck!


The Kayfun is awesome, but in saying that the Berserker is my go to atomiser still.
I think the Kayfun’s smallest airflow is 1mm and the Berserker is 0.8mm. I have mine set to the smallest settings on both.
I forgot to mention that I do like bakery flavours and that those are the ones that don’t seem to end up tasting great. So for example I have tried quite a few custard recipes and they just don’t taste good to me. Maybe it’s me or my taste buds :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m vaping on a cleito mostly but like my rda’s too. Got a load if different ones mostly flavour chasing , and like them with a single coil, at usually 15 to 20 watts, also just got a innokin prism t20s tank to mouth to lung, thats a tasty little tank,


It definitely could just be your tastebuds. One person’s best most favorite Custard is another’s Sweaty Socks. But, it could be a few other things. Custards generally take a long time to get right in the steep drawer. So, if it’s only been a few days to a few weeks, it may still need 6-12 more weeks. It could be the recipe and whacky %s, over-flavoring with other Creams or Bakeries on top of the Custard(s).

If you could post one of the recipes that didn’t hit the mark, someone might see the issue and offer some advice.

I know you didn’t post here to ask for help on the duds, but if you want to try to fine-tune any of them, this is a good place to ask for tips:


I tried this one and let it steep for the recommended 3 weeks - Toc’s Gabe’s British Custard - http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2911373/Toc’s%20Gabe’s%20British%20Custard and i like the mixers recipes but just didn’t like the taste. Should it be steeping for longer than 3 weeks?
Here are a few others.


I too, like tobacco vapes. There are a ton of recipes out there, here some of my favorites:


lower quality nicotine can really affect flavor at 12mg+ but I think you would know
it probably be peppery or make all your recipes taste the same. You can also try bumping flavor % up not every recipe is made for MTL vaping. Could look into making Naturally extracted tobaccos too. Your vaping sense can be weird, I’m completely strawberry blind in vaping but I can taste all my strawberrys if i put them in a drink. quite a few flavors im blind too actually.
What is your nicotine source?


I have gotten a peppery taste in some liquids that I’ve made before but I thought it had to do with the fact that it was one that used TPA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream flavour. I buy my nicotine from a local person in South Africa so I"m not sure his source and it is quite cheap so I’m sure that it’s not high quality. Also it’s 36mg nicotine so not 100mg and not sure if that would affect the quality.
I also sometimes wonder if the heat would affect a liquid. Where I live it’s pretty much 25 - 40 degrees celsius in summer and not much cooler than that generally in winter. I leave my liquids in a dark cupboard to steep but it does get very hot in the cupboard on hot days.
I wish I could figure out which recipes were designed for MTL on the ELR website and try those ones only as I waste alot of money making liquids and then throwing them away after I’ve tried them. But I suppose I won’t know until I try :stuck_out_tongue:


usually 10+ mg nicotine recipes are for MTL and heat really speeds up nicotine oxidation.
which is why people leave their nicotine in the freezer.
peppery taste can be from vanilla bean ice cream you can try making a small batch of flavorless with nicotine to see if you get a taste from your nicotine.
leave batches of eliquid in the fridge and empty a small amount you will need for a day or 2 in a bottle.


Thank you so much for your advice and help warkwarth :):grin: I will start putting them in the fridge while they are steeping and see if that helps. I do keep my nicotine in the fridge and don’t know why I didn’t think of doing the same thing with the liquids.
You’re a Star! :star:


ill just add that in the fridge e-liquid will steep slower you can leave your e-liquids out no problem if they dont have nicotine in them.
if you can get 100mg or maybe even 65mg nicotine you can easily just add the nicotine after they are “steeped” then they can go in the fridge.
Nicotine in PG won’t freeze or get thick is easy to work with and mixes faster.
I recommend to find a better source for nicotine in 100mg in PG unless you can’t.


Fantastic advise! Thank you! I made a liquid last night and haven’t added any nicotine to it and will let it steep for the recommended time period and then add the nic and see if it improves on the taste. Thanks so much for all your advice Warkwarth :):hugs:


no problem, just be sure to test your nicotine with no flavors see if you can taste anything.
good nicotine can make all the difference

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