Hey I'm new but have a question

Could you take the time to look at my recipe and give me feed back it’s my first one and I want to make sure that my proportions are about correct I’m using a max vg all my pg is in my flavors and nicotine

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Thank you for taking the time

Welcome Monster. Can you link the recipe?

Yes sir just posted

@Monster2 Welcome

I would maybe lower the % on the sugar cookie to between 2.5 - 3%

What is the brand on the vanilla custard?

If it is Vanilla Custard v1 (or v2) may drop that to around the same 2.5 to 3%.

But that is to my taste not yours also try to remember it is bettwer to start with a low % then add as needed rather that having to dilute your mix. Custard will also have a longish steep time as will creams

Cheers Good Luck

Welcome @Monster2! As you will see countless times on ELR, taste is subjective. 90% of my recipes are 20% - 25% flavorings. So…if you like your recipe, and it tastes right to you, then it’s right !

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I just made it today I plan to let it slow steep for about two weeks to let the custard mature and bond but but I was worried about there not being enough pg to bond the flavors if I used less but I do have about three mls to cut out if necessary on my next batch because I do want to try and keep it at a 80/20 if I can without adding more nic

And if anyone has any recipes they would like to share

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62000 of them

Best thing for you to do it you havent already is enter your flavors into your stash and then click on the what can I make.

There are a couple of threads that you should read if you haven’t already


Your mix may be the best for you. As to two weeks, go ahead and test. Could vape all if you think it is the best it can get. Fruits are pretty distinctive and may mask the immature custard. I would let custards mature 4 weeks min…


Thank you brother bob

Dont worry about the PG level. As long as you let it steep it will be fine. Most of my favorite recipes that I make in large batches are between 10%-15% PG. I would suggest that you give it a good shake every 3-4 days while it is steeping.


It also depends on what you are trying to get out of it. A more banana or a more cream cookie flavor. Banana is a strong flavor. It mixes well with custards, but at a lower percentage, IMHO.