Hi there introducing myself

Hi guys been registered here for a while so thought I would introduce myself .names Dan from the UK been vaping for a couple years currently got an ipv 2x .looking into this temp control loving the look of the evic box


Welcome to ELR forums Dan.

Jon here from the UK too.

You’ll easily settle into forum life here as everyone is as friendly as can be.


Cheers Jon

Welcome to the coolest place on the web. You have arrived. :wink: Glad you’re here.

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Welcome aboard.

thought i`d intro myself here , save starting a new thread , found this place while lookin for recipes looks good so i,ll stay around im mtl mostly been off analogues for about 100 days, in that time i have spent far too much on tanks and mods they are sooo shiny :smile_cat:
not having any problems with gear just need to find my all day vape instead i keep making aldi vapes :smirk:

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Oh so close. I can’t believe I beat jojo to this lol

Here is the best thread to introductions. Welcome to the team.

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