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Holly crap balls. No mixes


@SessionDrummer @Chuck4
I no longer use nicotine, I just add a little more VG…or not.
Works either way [nic, no nic, +VG, or not].
Not sure if I have any public recipes anymore…


LOL, Thanks. If Pyure is like your stone will have some of my own in a few minutes.


looks like you have 3.




I love the labels how do you make them?


I use a Brother QL-700


Critijism…you hand make that yourself? :rofl:


Shaken, not stirred.
Use XXX software for the recipe
100% hand-crafted


@ozo Brother QL series for the win !!!


I have not used a recipe in about a year now. Or followed one to be truthful. When I mix I look at my flavors and just go, you know what that may be good. Sort of like Grandma’s cooking. No precise measuring, no weighted recipes, and no syringes (Except for NIC.) Just think it sounds and smells good and away I go. Been pretty successful at that too. Just my two cents.


So kinda almost but not really Russian roulette


No just a Southern Grandma’s cookin. Do you really question what goes in the pot? No or else you get the spoon upside the head.