How about we design some "starter packs" new DIY'ers?

I’ve added a couple things to the USA one


What a great idea! Wish I had one when I first started.


We currently do not offer a DIY Starter Kit but thread has me rethinking what I already had planned.


I just wanted to re-iterate that the posts I made further up can be edited, if anyone feel like tweaking/adding :smile:


I do so when I find something that belongs…

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IMO Liquid Barn has the best kit available, hands down.

Here is a view review of the Liquid Barn kit.

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It looks ok, but we wanted to design a great one, from the ground up, with scale, pipettes, bottles, nicotine, flavors and recipes - or that was the idea anyway :smiley: We never really “finalized” anything…

I have t really heard much in liquid barn. I want so badly to get some of their flavors but I really don’t see a lot of recipes out there w/ them. Do you have many ? Also do you know where they ship from… Are they US based ? TIA.

The are US based. The shipping label stated it was shipped from California. I was really impressed with their liquids. Everything was well packaged and definitely high quality. Nicotine was clear and vapes super smooth. I havent found many recipes, BUT I saw on facebook that LB flavors are the best standalone flavors, and I will have to agree. I’ve really enjoyed all the flavors I’ve tried so far and they have all been single flavor recipes.

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Wow thank you. Interesting all were stand alone worthy hmm that speaks pretty high of em’ !


I spent a long while editing the American kit link to elaborate a bunch of items but it said I didn’t have permission to view some resource. Le sigh.

[edit] Nice, a few minutes went by and I was granted permission automatically.

Ok I added my ideas for the US kit. I’m new to DIY E-Juice, but I went ahead and just bought the scale to start, probably the best thirty bucks I ever spent on a hobby. Science, right? So my perfect kit just uses disposable pipettes by the trillion and the bottles on a scale. Maybe someone else can fill in the syringes.

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I mix by weight also and never need a syringe. All of my flavors are in dripper bottles and I use them to fill my bottle on the scale. When mixing by volume the syringe is used to measure flavor in milliliters.

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The following link was such a game changer for me, I have posted it in other places as reference…I feel that strongly about it.
How do you mix: by weight or by syringes?

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We owe it to the noobs to create a good flavor starter kit. I continually see them ordering all TPA, Cap and FW flavors just as I did, and they go through the same struggles as me… trying to make mixes from flavors that’s barely close to what’s on the label. I’d hate to take on this project on by myself because only a few will agree with my choices of flavors.

Also once it’s created it should be on elr because that’s where most noobs start. It’s usually after they’ve screwed up a ton of mixes they find the forum for guidance.

We can get them started on the right foot if we can pull together a get them started with some good flavors.

Anybody willing to participate?


how do you want to handle this… we all have some input but also have different tastes??

I’m just trying to put together a list of good flavors that work for most people. If egos are left at the door it can be accomplished. This is by no means a definitive list. Just good flavors used at lowest percentages.

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I like the idea of a suggested noob DIY starter kit suggested here. The problem with that is everyone has different tastes. And not a lot of people jump into this planning on spending hundreds of dollars. So I think some restraint is needed and a very fine tuned list put together. Say less than $100 for everything to get going. Like a “Beginner kit”. Enough to make a couple hundred ml of liquid.

That would include a scale, which in the long run is cheaper than syringes, mixing flasks, etc. A simple scale like the Etekcity scale here. A diy’er is going to need some bottles like these, or something similar. PG, VG, and nic of course. Then the rest should be on flavors.

That could be the beginner kit. From there you could do another $60 kit with mostly flavorings. Call it the Noob add-on pack.

Then on to the intermediate kit that will be mostly flavors. More nic and VG/PG. Add in a frother or other cheap mixer because by now they will probably be mixing larger volumes. And a mixing flask.

Then you could have an advanced kit. And by this point the user should have at least 100 flavors in their arsenal after having this kit. This isn’t to say they are an advanced mixer. This kit would just be to round out the noobs flavor stash so they can at least adapt most recipes with alternate flavorings. But with these kits at least they would have more of the right flavorings.

That would cover the gamut from those with low funds, all the way up to those that don’t have a limit on their budget. And in the end it would keep noobs from straying off course and buying a bunch of crap they don’t need.

I’m willing to put my two cents in on some of my preferred flavors if that counts for anything. I’ve always said I’m happy to organize something like this, I just don’t have a whole lot of input on it to offer. I have plenty of flavors, more than I did the first time this came around, but I still don’t feel like I could accurately say “this is better than that” with what I have. There are a few exceptions, like Capella’s coconut still can’t be beat for me, but for the most part I only have a couple vendors of any single flavor, if that, and haven’t tried most of them as singles so can’t really say how they do on their own. I can say that there are definitely some surefire ‘winners’ in the flavor world…FA and Inawera being tops for me, as I’ve never tried MF. Flavorah is up there as well with some top notch flavors. Cap has their corner where they excel, as do TPA and FW, but for the most part I’m all about FA and Ina.

I’m happy to pool everything together and keep track of it if you guys get to a point where you’re throwing ideas around and need that sort of thing. You know where to find me. :wink:

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I never saw this thread before? I think this is a great idea and the results need to be pinned!!

I have seen a lot of noobs lately posting the same questions over and over, like, “I want to make juice, what do I need?” or “Where do I buy…”

I know we are all super helpful around here but it does wear on you to have to answer the same questions over and over. I think this is a must for all the noobs!


Maybe @daath could make a mandatory page for all noobs to read through. Have a checkbox at the bottom. Kinda like agreeing to a license agreement in a software install. Before they peruse the forum they are sent to the noobie help page.