How do I my own strong juice?

I want to make my own juice so save on cost. I live in UK. The main problem is calculating how to make it.
In my vape shop I bought some premade cola Nic salt juice by dinner lady, and sone pink lemonade by Element. Both came in 10ml bottles with with “20mg/ml”. 《-- I think this means they put 20 mg nic salt per every ml of liquid?
Both juices are 50/50 pg/vg.
How do I replicate this in large scale? What do I need to buy?! I’m interested to make 500ml of this this mix but I’m so confused because nicotine seems to be measured in mg while everything else is ml. And what’s more confusing is that the nic salt shots seem to come with same strength as my premade product before they are even mixed. So if i mix them they will be too weak after. So i think i need to order some nic salt from USA. But how much to buy? I found a website that seems to sell strong nic salt. Not sure how much i should buy though. Check it here: Photos below of my premade pink lemonade:

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Yes, you understood it right that the nicotine level is based on the amount of nicotine in mg per ml. When you have added the correct info to your recipe, then it will show you the amount of nicotine to add in either volume or weight (ml or gram) to get the nicotine level specified in ml per ml.

I think nic salts is probably a good choice if you aim at 20mg juices, unless you like the throat hit you get from free base nic.

The calculator will help you replicate it for you, you just have to enter the recipe ingredients with the right nic base info such as “Nicotine strength, PG-content of nicotine and VG-content of nicotine” and “Desired strength” set to 20 if you want a juice with 20mg/ml.

How much to buy is an answer only you can give, because it depends on how much you vape and how big an investment you are willing to make here and now.


Thanks lummy, but what’s the diff between nicotine strength and desired strength? What calculator is best?

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“Desired strength” is what you want as end result, in this case that would be 20, because you want 20mg/ml ready to vape juice.

“Nicotine strength” is the strength of the nicotine salt base that you have, if using the one from the link you provided above that would have to be set to 250, because it is a 250mg nic salt.

250mg is very high nicotice strength to work with, not sure i would recommend just anyone to work with that, but at least if you do i think better to use some proper gloves. Personally i am not too worried when handling 100mg nic (i recommend people to handle that with care), but 250mg is a level where i would be cautious.


Might find these sites useful:


You gotta be careful where and how to buy your nicotine. In the UK there’s a maximum of 20mg/ml limit on e-liquids, so it’ll be difficult to make your own with what’s readily available and importing higher strength nic may be impounded by customs… maybe some UK people here can PM you how and where they get their nic salts.


Can’t believe nobody has said this yet, but THIS calculator is great. Super easy to use too.