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How do you mix: by weight or by syringes?


blah, i didnt consider piplettes, but adding them to my list unless you are saying that i can use a drop for something under .03? I think thats what i am reading


The one I have measures to .05oz (1 gram). Not good enough?


Is it increments of .05g or does it just not register anything under .05g?

Eta, just saw you said .05oz… That’s gonna be hard to mix with.

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Of course my $10 one won’t work, dangit. That $30 is a lot of concentrates, you know!!! Or a lot of beer, yikes.

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I do estimate a drop for anything reading .02-.03. I use pipette for concentrate bottles that don’t have dripper tips. RF uses hard to squeeze bottles and don’t come with drippers. Most standard concentrates do come with them and are generally easy to squeeze. Some ppl transfer dripperless concentrates into either bottles with drippers or glass bottles with eye dropper caps. I just use pipettes and toss them. Again, that is money, though. Some folks clean and reuse their pipettes if they need to use them.


ok good, Im ok then, i did order some dropper bottles already - ty


So very worth a night of no beer! You might find one cheaper, just make sure it goes to .01g, and that it has a power adapter, not just batteries!

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Hang on there, partner. Few things are worth a night of no beer! :sunglasses:

I will eat it and get the right scale. It is worth it. Now to figure out how to get drip caps for the concentrate bottles…

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I just ordered that scale. Before I got all cheap-assed and talked myself into trying to wing it with the one I have. I’ll do that to myself and sputter along for months until I finally smash it to bits and do the right thing. So I figured I’d just do the right thing first for a change.

But those caps, help?


The 411 on caps is here somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. Might shoot a quick email to the vendor you got your concentrates from. They’re usually happy to help. Takes less time than searching through the forums with ridiculously common words like dripper, cap, bottle, etc!

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Sometimes I facepalm myself for being stupid. Of course, they are right there on heartlandvapes site. Cheap as heck. Wish I’d thought of this new mixing adventure during their recent sale though. Thanks for the lead.

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Christmas sales are coming!

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By then I will have already been using the new stuff for 2 weeks. I’m not the most patient fellow out there.

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I purchased some plastic thru nic river w/ yorker caps. They are 20-410 threads for 2-4oz and 24-410 for 8-16oz ones.

They are a tad on the harder spectrum tho

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I ordered the caps, scale, and 1000ml bottles w/caps (to replace the picnic ketchup/mustard bottles I use for VG and PG, since the caps get leaky on those cheapies and it pisses me off.)

So, I think I’m now ready to mix by weight, which I probably should have been doing for a year and a half by now. Looking forward to seeing how tight precision affects the recipe. I assume, a lot.

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I’ve been mixing for around 2 years but switched to weight about a month ago. Still kicking my self for not switching to weight sooner. SO MUCH easier and I can do more precise smaller test batches now.


I always found syringe mixing to be easy, but I also always knew it was not precise, at least not how I did it anyway. “Meh, looks like it’s on the 3ml line” will be soon replaced with an exact measurement. Can’t wait, honestly.


I held off switching to weight because I thought “how can mixing by weight be any easier”? Syringe mixing is easy but mixing by weight is even easier…I’ll take easier any day!


Neither. I do it like Grandma in the kitchen and throw shit together. Sort of like Swedish chef from the Muppets.


Got the scale and bottles today. And I immediately realized that this will be easier and cleaner than syringing. I used to wait and mix a bunch at once since the syringe was going to be tossed. Now I can just make one bottle if I want; nothing to dispose of and basically no clean up. Whoot.