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How Low Can You Go?


But as for actual recipes, my current low is:

Flavor total: 1.55 ml / 1.55g (1.55%)

It’s not really too ‘in your face’ though, but it’s got enough flavor to make it a decent vape. And if you don’t care for sweetener, it’s under 1%.


Ok heres my v2 and i must say ill be amazed if this has the pop ill need to call it a success

1.59 total is as low as ive gone ever … besides SFT


His goes to go to 11.


To my surprise the vape isnt bad at all , immediately after mixing the lime sat way in front which wasnt the case in my original recipe . The red flaves were lost a little bit … ill try this again today after it sat all night


Looks like I can go very low with specific flavors.
Is a SnV right now so I don’t now how it will turn out after some days of steep. Right now is a very good creamy and semi sweet aromatic cappuccino.
Total flavor around 0.6%


wow …and with TPA now thats going low … well played


:slightly_smiling_face: I believe TPA is a misunderstood company. They just make what their customers ask them to do nothink less. They have many ‘‘super’’ concentrate flavors as Caramel Cappuccino, Absinthe II is an other one and goes on, but vapers have made many reviews with older setups (atomizers, and batteries) and at this period flavor was needed to be more than today. This is the same for the flavors profile, customers wants specific profiles with specific prices and TPA just made to them.


I do not have this one on my account yet… I need to remake it and test more.
However… it might help if I share it for opinion’s sake… :wink:

Cherry Limeade 30ml

2 drops/ .04g .12%Rainier Cherry
2 drops/ .04g .12%Lime
2 drops/ .04g .12%Lemon
6 drops/ .18g .40%Greek Yogurt
2 drops/ .04g .12%Ice

Still… less than 1 ml total for flavoring… it is supposed to be light on the Greek Yogurt… GY is there to support the twangy bite of lime only… for a fro yo type… up the GY to .8-1% as this is just an icy flat soft drink. Anticipating the new cola from FLV to bring us all yes… bubbles!!! :slight_smile: haha! :slight_smile:


What cooling agent is FLV ice made with ?


FLV Ice, yes!! :blush:


Sorry to annoy you @SmokyBlue (and sorry too if this is off topic) but I’ve always wondered how it is that you taste your recipes at such low percentages. I mean, 0.34g total for 5 flavors in a 30ml recipe?

Not sure of the terminology but are you one of those lucky “super taster” types? Only ask as I’ve currently got 14 FLV flavors in my stash (not a lot I know) and have ordered another 32 the other day (haven’t added them in yet) and am trying to work out how high/low I should go when I start using them seriously. Oh and BTW, I think the 40 years I smoked have destroyed my taste buds to the point where I need a little more % than you do :wink: Don’t know what time it is where you are but it’s about 11.30pm Sunday night down here where I am and the Sandman is just about here. Hopefully I’ll see a reply tomorrow if I’m lucky :crossed_fingers: TIA…


@Flavorah is unlike any other flavor company. You really do not need much at all, because it is so concentrated. It’s all in how you mix… too much flavoring over time can kill off your taste buds. Just like with nicotine, stepping down in flavors can bring some of your taste buds back, but not all.

Your taste preceptors change every 3 days, 3 weeks 3 months and in 3 years you are a completely new taster… provided again, you do not go killing your taste buds… just like with vaping something strong over and over, you can become immune to a certain flavor… some call it blindness… like Strawberry or a blue rasp… those 2 have the highest amounts of people using them both at high percentages because some believe more is better. Not always… less is more and less is better for you. :slight_smile:

I have been mixing now for almost 9 yrs… I started vaping back in 2004… I stopped in 2009 and came back to mixing in 2011… first published recipe was 2012 on ecf. I do have a tiny bit of experience with standard flavors… but I prefer the ultras for many reasons. Flavorah being the top manufacture.

I wish you the best with your mixes… and the best advise I can give you is to do solos…
grab 10ml bottles… and start low as in drops and see where you can start to taste, where it taste good, and when it is too much… these 3 bits of info is what you will set down in your notes… from there, expound of what it is you waste… I recommend you go thru your solos every 3 months… and keep your notes together! :smile:


Sorry lol i meant is it , koolada , ws23 , ws 5 etc etc ??


Ice is totally different than koolada ws23 ws5 ws10…

it’s just like it is named, ice… no bad tastes, no funkiness if you keep it low…
It’s not like menthol or koolada, and tastes a heck of a lot better.
I keep a 4oz at all times here lately… it’s perfect in one of my oreo candy cane recipes.
but it is an additive and does work like the rest…
used too much it can either dissolve your flavors or help them fade away…

does that help any better, @fidalgo_vapes??


another mind blower… flv is even good without nicotine.

I did a test with a few local friends.
They normally vape between 18mg nicotine and 3mg nicotine…

I set them all up with 6 juices, zero nic, and no one even noticed. Fact. :rofl::partying_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes it Does ty . koolada and ws23 dont do it for me and ive wasted enough time and $ on trying different cooling additives… So this may be something worth looking into ty


I used to be able to snag ws5 and ws10… both are about the same as 23, but without the 23’s taste when pushed too high… the Ice is the closest to my ws5 and ws10… so yeah :wink:


Thanks for the reply and the sage advice @SmokyBlue. Really appreciate you getting back and you have definitely given me food for thought. When my FLV order comes in I will absolutely be doing a load of SFT (I do most times anyway) and will do the “drops” thing as you’ve suggested.

Yeah, I’ve been “blind” to most strawberries (not all) and every blueberry so it’s heartening to know I might be able to resurrect some tastebuds trying it your way. :yum: Actually starting to get excited by it all. Woo-Hoo!

Again, thanks for getting back. Time to copy’n’paste this into my notes. Cheers and all the best to you and yours for 2019…

P.S. Hmm, looks like I might have to order me some FLV Ice and some of that new FLV Cola :+1:


Cola and more, coming sooooon!!! I can not wait…
and I sure hope everyone does their testing on the new flavors to come!
I can not wait to hear what others have to say, I know it is all going to be worth the wait!!

Happy New Years!!! :smile: :partying_face:


Yeah, been away for a week mainly catching up with work after the “silly season” break and all that. And have been uber busy (and completely blown away) with reading all the good stuff on the FLV Fan site of @SmokyBlue’s. To anyone not familiar with FLV flavors and who might be interested in using them, that place is an absolute goldmine! Thanks ever-so-much young lady, your blood’s worth bottlin’ as my dear old dad used to say. :heart_eyes: Now all I gotta do to get this party started is to order me a truckload of 15ml bottles and keep those drops to a minimum :smile: