How to make a recipe/ mixing flavours

How do I create my first recipe? How do I work out what % of flavours to add? Do I need to create a base recipe to work on? How do I do that? I’m not sure how to ask this question about making my very first recipe of my own it’s easy to follow others recipes and just make those but creating my own is where I’m feeling lost and stuck with what to do?

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Working with the flavours? At what percentages to add for it to all blend and make a tasty recipe basically is what I’m feeling overwhelmed by its so much for my little brain to work out any help would be great

Please read this. Everything you’ve been asking is here.


what flavors are you thinking of using ???

Fruit A
Fruit B
Sweetener ?

ill usually think of something , lets say a mixed berry shake … first ill pick whats going to make the mixed berry part so lets go with FA forest fruit , next ill grab RFSC strawberry milkshake so those two will be my fruit part and the top note …then ill need my ice cream so ill grab LB VIC and since i also am using the RFSC SM ill take that into acct bc there is a cream base in that flavor , ill also add a lighter sweeter cream this will add some mouth feel and sweetness so lets go with FW sweet cream , so heres the recipe so far

FA forest fruit
RFSC strawberry milkshake
FW sweet cream

now what YOU as a beginner should do is find the medians of these flaves and try using them , but this is where testing and mixing other recipes will help you bc using these four flaves you wont want the two creams too high and the sweet cream is only there to add sweetness and some silkiness to the recipe… but off the top of my head id go

FA Forest fruit 2.5pct maybe 3 its a strong flave

Rfsc Strawberry milkshake at 3

LB vic at 2

FW sweet cream .5 to .75

then test anyway that kinda how i do it lol but most this off the top of my head, use the notes on the flavors and see what other mixers are doing whe. using the flaves in a mix … do hard to explain thru text lol hope it helps kinda


I have read this but my brain is in overload and I’m getting all confused


what are you trying to make ???

Honestly I havnt even decided what I want to make but was going for something like what you have mentioned I reckon

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At least I must be getting some idea because I knew I would get directed back to that guide

This has kinda helped my brain is overloaded

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I like the idea of mixing fruit and desserts together

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Unfortunately the answer is experience and personal taste.

There’s never an actual number, because it’s subjective and not simple as a math class.

You will have to test every of your flavors at different percentage and steep stages, to find out what you personally like.

Write that down. After that you need to create a recipe or a idea of a recipe. Write that down. Now based on your own findings for the flavors you’re using, set the percentage, mix it, try it. Something is off? Adjust it, rinse repeat till satisfied.

Or you can go the simple route, click a flavor in your stash, there will be a single flavor percentage and a mixed percentage (above the “notes”) look what it says as median and start there.

However I don’t recommend it, because if the mix is “off” and unsatisfying, you won’t know where it comes from, why it tastes like that and/or the combination just don’t work at all.

Trying to fix this at that point, is more frustrating and waste of resources, than the other way around. It also takes much longer to determinate the actual issue.

If you know your flavors it’s much quicker to make changes or switch out flavors, it also teaches you about the strength of the flavor, notes, nuances etc and if you ever need a substitute for a flavor listed by others, that you might not have, you can read your own notes and grab one similar, without it becoming a issue or you are feeling stuck.


For starters you could check out this thread to get some ideas. Just to see what other people are doing with their flavours.
Maybe you see a recipe that you think would be great if only it had another ingredient than it has.
You can build on that.

You can also go to the flavour list
Type in the flavour that you have, for instance Strawberry Ripe TPA, in the search bar and pick the corresponding one that pops up with the most users.

It’s quite obvious which one will be most informative. You can check the average percentage of each flavour you have that people use in a mix or as a single flavour.

Very important is the single flavour testing. Look up the average single flavour percentage people use and make a little test batch.

Let it steep and try it out, it will give you an idea of the taste of that particular flavour. Making a recipe is a lot easier when you know what the flavours you have taste like.
It will make it easier to decide how much of which flavour to put in.

For the rest it’s all up to you and there are no rules. Whatever tastes good to you goes.
The perfect milkshake is different for everybody.