How to make your own flavors and nicotine?

What is process for making your own flavors and nicotine?

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We haven’t had anyone talk about nicotine extraction here, but google has loads of results for this…

As for flavorings, people here have talked a lot about extracting tobacco, coffee and tea flavor:



Id love to try and make my own skittles flavoring

I would strongly advise against attempting to create any kind of flavoring that involved sugar. Sugar is terrible for your coils and not so great for inhaling, either. Flavoring is not so simple as soaking something in PG and using it. People have success with things like tea leaves, tobacco, and hard spices like clove because they are easy(er) to filter than something like fruit and don’t contain any kind of sugars or compounds that are more likely to spoil. Just my two cents, obviously, but I’d do plenty of research before beginning any kind of flavor creation or nicotine extraction.


I bet that’s hard - There’s a subreddit that deals with mixing flavor molecules, to create your own flavorings:

Creating extracts of real things is a bit more cumbersome, as you might have guessed, skimming the above. There are many ways to do it :slightly_smiling:


followed someone on a board and did my favorite coffee half a 30 ml bottle filled with pg nuked in the microwave for 10 seconds. took it out… filled with pg again then strained it through a coffee filter over night. While it tasted and smelled great I was so worried something might be wrong I just bought a flavor concentrate instead LOL


I made a coffee extract that was extremely potent in 1 week using straight vg bu t did not know how to mix yet so I threw it out. I also did some teas and spices. Once done with work I will be working more on it. I have some vanilla beans soaking in vg since November at my moms house. Will be interesting to see the results when I get back in March.ezvape Canada makes their own nic from tomatoes


In for nicotine…not NETs, nicotine!

I haven’t done a tobacco NET. I am curious, has anybody tested their NET extractions for nicotine content?

NETs are pretty heavily colored, so it’s difficult to use the blue/sulphuric acid method to test… Not impossible, just more difficult…

John how does that work tomatoes and nicotine ? Crazy sounding but interesting.

Tomatoes are part of the Solanum lycopersicum family, otherwise known as Nightshade - members include the potato, tomato, eggplant and others. A lot of these contain nicotine…


Very interesting. I learn something here everyday ! Thanks :tomato: Yay 4 tomatoes

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I like Tomatoes! A little oil, a little basamic vinegar, a little nicotine…lol


Interestingly, Tobacco, I believe is in the nightshade family, as well…

Yes, it is :slightly_smiling: