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Congrats on quitting,and welcome to ELR!

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Thank you!

I started vaping in 2009 when i was 37 after 17 years of smoking, and let me tell you , compared to the vaping devices of today vaping back then sucked. it was labor day weekend 2009 and my mom had come to visit me where i was working in Kansas city, Missouri. We were at the mall and there was one of those island cubicles set up selling ecigs. it looked a cigarette but was the kind that you could pull the tip off and the atomizier stayed on the battery and the tip was open at one end and you could see the cotton in it, you could drip some juice in it(if you could find any), or put on a new disposable tip. you couldn’t just run down to the local vape shop, or at least not anywhere around my area. vaping supplies and juice was scarce back then, not to mention the juices sucked about as bad as the devices. My mom was always on my case about stopping smoking, and she said she was gonna buy me one of the kits for me to try and quit smoking. Of course i said “it wont work”, but mamma said, so… anyway i had about a pack and a half of cigarettes left. When i got up in the morning i would smoke a stinky, then use the ecig as long as i could stand it during the day before breaking down and having to smoke a cig. the one thing that really helped is i could smoke the ecig just about anywhere during the day because it didnt put off much vapor at all and nobody really knew what the hell i was doing. I managed to make that pack and a half of cigs last about 3 weeks, and i never bought another pack or smoke another cig again. Six months later i felt better than i could remember in a long time. of course i’ve vaped just about every kind of ecig and tank/mod imaginable since then as i started pretty early in the vaping “history”, and like i said before the difference between vaping back then when i started and vaping today can be like comparing a cart without a horse to a Bugatti Veyron. people who have only recently started vaping in the last couple of years or so just dont realize how good they got it. Once the vape industry took off, it was like boom town.


A vaping veteran! An OG so to speak, or OV, lol.

Congrats on you mom being persistent about you quitting and the efforts you put in to find what you needed to stay away from analogs!

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What’s NETS?

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Naturally Extracted Tobacco s

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Thanks, pal

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Sorry it took so long. What @woftam said. It is a great way to get that pipe, cigar, or tobacco flavor. It tales a long time, but to me worth it.

I quit Smoking 2 years ago, and started vaping, two years into this and got many others to follow! I am Happy that Vaping community has grown so fast in these last few years! In these last 2 years I have experimented with RDA’s, RDTA’s and many different coil builds to find my ‘Perfect Vape’, and Many liquids and flavours too, now its about time I get into DIY E-Liquid…(I know I should have started earlier), but there is so much to choose from and so many manufacturers that I just had to try as many as I could to find my ‘Mode’!

This is a great site, been looking at the forum chats, and theres a lot of helpful hints and tips in every aspect of vaping! its great to be a part of it!

Thank you! All of you!! :slight_smile:

Keep on Vaping, Safely and Wisely(If and when possible)


Welcome to the forums! Congrats on 2 years!

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Nice mate. 2 years is awesome. I’d like to know “what is your perfect vape”

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At the moment, my ‘perfect’ or everyday vape is on RDA’s, I love Dripping the most, latest Rda has been the Recoil RDA, 24mm, easy to build on, I love dual coil Claptons in SS316 and A1 Kanthal in Wattage/Power mode. Usually two coils of around .5ohms each, resulting in a resistance of around .23 to .25Ohms, at 55w to 65w is my Everyday ‘Perfect’ vape.
Flavours… I find that High VG, Creamy and Custardy flavours tend to suit me the most. these last 3 weeks or so, the Milkman blends have suited me just fine, but I do have other favourites… there is so much to choose from!


I quit smoking by vaping …COLD TUrkeY!!

Best time to quit smoking in my opinion in Canada is to quit in the winter. I never smoked indoors and forced myself to go outside regardless of how cold or blustery it was outside with the hope of one day quitting. With that in mind, who wants to stand outside and suck on an analog for approximately 5-7 minutes and freeze the bells off. Well, I did, year after year after year. A person gets use to the environment quite quickly, so a good idea, but never stuck and every year I would try at the same time to quit.

Then I started to buy cheap cigarettes due to the fact that the prices in Canada, at least Ontario are about $13 a pack of 25 cigs. Though not bad at first, they start to become harsh. Not to mention at about 5 packs a week and the hacking and spitting up of chunks became a problem I was concerned with…we all know the health problems. Gross. The cost became a concern as well.

Towards the end of smoking, I was actually smoking more because they were cheap and I kept asking myself ‘’ what the hell am I doing" the more I smoked the worse they started to taste so I started butting out at half cigs at home but not at work for the simple fact I got more breaks.

A friend came over last summer who quit analogs cold turkey and had a little pen style vape mod. I noticed this and kept that in the back of my mind…6 months later and a trip to the vape store to sample this out for myself … well…wow. I found this to taste way nicer and felt the same as smoking for me and a way better nic hit with out feeling tired and sluggish from the 4000 or so extra chemicals from cigs.

I bought a Kangertech ego style pen and never looked back. I could vape indoors now, saving at least 2 hours a day from standing outside. 2 weeks later I could take deep breaths, real deep. 4 weeks later, I stopped hacking up tar and black crap. Energy levels are through the roof. My boss actually asked me the other day if I was taking speed lol. I didn’t need the extra breaks because I was on top of things at work which allowed me to work less hard and way more efficient. I stealth vape at work, so my fix is had.

I am now on my 3rd type of vape mod in 4 weeks. I enjoy it way more than smoking cigs, it tastes way better with huge huge clouds. I can change flavours at will. I am way happier and confident I will never go back ever. If it wasn’t for vaping I would never have quit period…I still like the feel of smoking which vaping has allowed me to enjoy.

You might find it harsh at first as I did. People in the vape store were laughing at me because I took a puff and started hacking bad lol… that goes away in a few days for me anyway.

Then once your lungs heal up you will want to move up to say a Joyetech ego all in one style (should have bought this one first) I use this at work, its small, fits in pocket and tank can’t break off.

At home I use an Smoke Alien with big TFV4 tank that I only need a puff or two every once in a while. Taste is way better but not too portable. Vaping becomes a hobby not a crutch like smoking. Sometimes I even forget I haven’t vaped in hours. You can then cut down on nicotine slowly and get rid of that as well if you want…I don’t want to yet lol but down from 3mg to 6mg.

I’m mixing my own juice now as well which I found quite fun and simple. Haven’t tasted it yet but I’m sure from all the help from the great people on this forum it will be way better than the taste of that analog crap stinky unhealthy thing we used as a crutch. And cheaper.

I hope this give some an inspiration and a drive to quit… I smoked for more than 35 years and cold turkeyed the crap out of big tobacco.

You can do it, control your mind and vaping will do the rest…

You will feel Olympic after 2 weeks of no smoking.

Good luck, Just Do It!


hello im new here…like just joined new…but all of your stories are really inspireing and really giveing me hope for my future…and to you lordvapor an extra thanks…your story moved me to join this forum…it was shocking how close to my own it was…

i started smokeing when i was 18… ramped up to a pack a day since i was 20 …tried everything to stop…even buying a new pack only to smoke 1 and throw them away,only to be running back digging them out of the trash…at 35 i had gotton off work and was takeing my kids to the fair…as soon as i got inside the gates i felt something was wrong…every step i took felt like i was walking up hill…i soon had to sit down and tell my now ex something was way wrong with me…my heart felt like it was trying to leap out of my chest…she got an emt to come over…he quickly ran to get help…i was like this cant be good…soon i had all the emts that were on duty around me hooking emgs up…i herd one of them telling the rest of them …this is what afib looks like …they told my ex i had to get in the ambulance right away…but she insisted on takeing me …so they made me sign a waver in case i died on the way…i spent a week in icu…half my heart had gelled and wasent working…i too remember the bedside crash cart…and the hourly injections in my stomach of blood thinners to keep blood clots from forming in my heart…i remember all that week never knowing if i would live from moment to moment…i think twords the end of the week they got the other half of my heart to finally start working again through meds…after i got out i was put on antenal and digoxen for life…i have no rythem left in my heart…without my meds…i too didnt want another cig for about a month after that …but then the breakup with my exe and haveing to see my son on weekends instead of all the time drove to to pick them up again…im back up to a pack a day and im 45 …i tried vap on and off over the years but it was just the fixed low watt pen …and it wasnt the same …but im re married now and my wife is always worried about my smokeing …as am i …i know ill have another afib its just a matter of when …but since im already on the meds it will probably be alot worse…but my wife bought me a new rainbow spinner kit with a clearimizer …3 days ago …and i love it …its so much better than what ive tried in the past …and ive been smoke free for 3 days …i know its early but i cant go back to cigs ive just ben lucky so far … but i know that will run out …so now when i think about smokeing i vap and read posts on here… all of you have helped me more than you will ever know …thank you all


Well done! Try to stay strong it is not a easy road getting off the smokes but vaping will make it a lot easier. The hardest step is making the choice to quit and you have done that. Cheers, welcome and good luck.


thanks so much…im really loveing the vapeing community and world…i already have another vap picked out…going to try the nano tarot


Always good to reward achievements make milestones for yourself and when you reach them buy yourself a treat - or just go nuts and buy a heap of stuff. Make sure you research first and find the best price you can. The vendors section here may help you out as will the reviews section.


Stay strong! You will learn a tremendous amount of info here with the ELR family. You have all of our support.


Welcome @cnewb72 Thank you for sharing your story :balloon: and congratulations on your achievement so far! Stay with us, we will take care of ya :


Congrats, stay strong bud, with vaping its way better than smoking, to me its perfect, I really enjoy it. I don’t stink any more either…way more energy, tonnes and heaps of energy from vaping and staying away from cigs.

Look up Joyetech Ego AIO all in one. My wife and I really like the thing. Simple and cheap, heaps of vaper production and fits in pocket with no worries. .5 ohm coil for replacement atomizer when you need it. 70vg 30pg works just fine in it.

Stay strong, you won’t look back soon.


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