I want to need how to made only pg juice.(cbd20%)

Well that last post seemed to put the kabosh on it! I just wanted to say welcome to ELR @rikirikiriki and I hope you sort out your issue. I have no knowledge about CBD/vaping, I’ve only rubbed it on my skin hoping for pain relief. Good luck and hope to see you around.


I went to out local dispensary and got a lotion for my knee. I had a torn meniscus a couple of years ago. I use it daily for about 12 days, I’ve “knock on wood” never had to use it again. I was always skeptical about cbd for pain like that, this one really worked!


Wow, I’m so encouraged to hear that. Do you know what the level of strength was? I bought a salve for shoulder bursitis that also contains high levels of menthol/camphor so I wasn’t sure what to attribute it’s healing properties to but I’ve never had to use it again, either. I’m sure they both helped. The menthol/camphor for immediate relief and hopefully the CBD for more long term healing. It was 50mg CBD.

A torn meniscus is awful. I had a frayed one and that was bad enough.


@rikirikiriki, is your CBD isolate in a PG solution to start with or is it in a MCT oil base?

If it’s PG based, like this one I have:

When you miss it with PG and VG, use a double boiler (don’t boil! Just heat to like 150 degrees Fahrenheit) or a bowl of hot water (around 150 degrees Fahrenheit) and warm your PG/VG mixture up before adding your isolate. It will help the crystals dissolve and precipitate out into your mixture so that it will all blend together.

If your isolate is MCT oil based, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO VAPE IT!!! Vaping oils is dangerous and can lead to hospitalization or death. The oils coat the lining of your lungs and prevent them from doing their job: absorbing oxygen from the air you breathe!

It sounds like yours is oil based as most of the time, if you mix an oil into a VG/PG solution, it will make it cloudy… there are other possible culprits that could make it cloudy but oil is usually the first suspect.

Lipoid Pneumonia is what can result from vaping oils.

From one of many articles I found when searched:

Exogenous lipoid pneumonia is a rare disease caused by aspiration or inhalation of oily substances.

It’s best to avoid it, if you can. If your CBD isolate is suspended in MCT oil, it’s probably best to mix it into some lotion and use topically or mix it into some gummies or butter.

I hope this helps answer your question.